Lansing Marijuana business loses licenses over 'illicit' products

Lansing Marijuana business loses licenses over 'illicit' products

Michigan Marijuana Business Surrenders Licenses for Mixing Legal and Illicit Products.

The Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency Thursday announced that a Lansing marijuana business would surrender its medical and adult-use processor licenses because it had been mixing legal and illicit products for the retail market.

CRA said it signed a consent order and stipulation with TAS Asset Holdings, which also used the name Noble Road Company. In February 2023, the CRA issued formal complaints and announced summary suspensions of TAS’ medical and adult-use processor licenses.

TAS has been closed since February 2023. Its licenses "shall not be" renewed, reinstated, reissued or reactivated, limited or otherwise, at any future date, the CRA said.

"Based on its investigation of the conduct alleged in the complaint, the CRA determined at the time that the safety or health of patrons or employees was jeopardized by TAS’ continued operation and that emergency action was required," the CRA said.

TAS Asset Holdings, 919 Filley St., Suite A, was accused of combining illicit marijuana products with regulated marijuana products before selling those items. The affected marijuana products were marketed under the brand Fwaygo Extracts with the product name Space Rocks. The product was manufactured between Nov. 10 and Nov. 17, 2022.

A review of video surveillance footage at the time showed that TAS employees were bringing additional unregulated product into the business from their personal vehicles, the CRA said.

A TAS representative admitted that the business’s signature product, Space Rocks, is produced using the untagged THCa powder, the CRA said in a previous press release.

The CRA formal complaints alleged 23 regulatory violations against each of TAS Asset Holdings’ processor licenses.

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Region: Michigan

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