Maine lawmaker pushes for changes in Cannabis laws

Maine lawmaker pushes for changes in Cannabis laws

A Maine lawmaker is fighting current cannabis laws and how they are enforced across the state.

Republican Representative David Boyer of Poland is pushing for lawmakers to take a second look at the original marijuana laws passed in 2016 and make adjustments.

The bill heard in Augusta on Monday is designed to lower restrictions and fines and regulate marijuana like alcohol.

Representative Boyer says that changes need to be made so adults aren't being punished for using a legal substance.

"It makes adults feel like they're doing something they shouldn't, you know So, we're trying to take some of the stigma out of the law,” Representative Boyer said.

Boyer also has a petition for Governor Janet Mills to fire Office of Cannabis Policy Director John Hudiak for "unfairly and unjustly executing" current state marijuana laws.

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Region: Maine

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