Medical Marijuana bill doesn’t go nearly far enough

Medical Marijuana bill doesn’t go nearly far enough

Wisconsin's Proposed Medical Marijuana Bill Falls Short.

Many lawmakers in Madison have been pushing for years for the legalization of marijuana. Finally, Assembly Republicans have introduced a bill that would legalize the use of medicinal marijuana. But only under very certain conditions. After refusing to walk, they are only willing to take baby steps. 

Under the plan, those with certain chronic illnesses, like cancer, would be able to legally purchase products containing THC at a dispensary in Wisconsin. Edibles, oils creams and patches would be allowed for medicinal use. No smokable form of pot would be allowed. There would be five dispensaries scattered throughout the state, and all would be run by the state. They are missing the boat.

 This medical marijuana bill, if approved, would be the most restrictive medical marijuana law in the country. Why make patients jump through so many hoops? They are treating this like it is a morality issue, not a medical issue. Why should, say, veterans with PTSD have to drive to Madison or Milwaukee to get a drug their doctors have approved to treat their symptoms?  

And why on earth do these lawmakers think the state could run dispensaries better than private entities? It is good to see lawmakers finally willing to consider legalizing pot for medicinal use, but this bill is flawed, and doesn’t go nearly far enough.

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