Chicago bakery introduces first-ever chef-driven Cannabis take-and-bake cake mixes

Chicago bakery introduces first-ever chef-driven Cannabis take-and-bake cake mixes

Chicago-based West Town Bakery and its sister store OKAY Cannabis Dispensaries have introduced Cannabis Infused, the first-ever chef-driven cannabis-infused take-and-bake cake mixes that include fast-acting THC.

The line features three flavors including Cannfetti Cake Mix, Devil’s Food Cake Mix and Fudge Brownie Mix. With both gluten-free and vegan options available, the Cannfetti Cake Mix is one of the few completely vegan edibles in Illinois, and the Devil’s Food mix is the only gluten-free edible in the state that is not a gummy product. 

Chef Chris Teixiera, food and beverage director of Fifty/50 Hospitality Group created the gourmet mixes for launch this November. They will be available for purchase at OKAY Cannabis Dispensaries at its Chicago store. Mixes containing 50mg of THC range between $25-$32. 

“Forget everything you ever thought about a tired old pot brownie,” says Chef Teixiera. “THC or not, we wanted to create a product that first and foremost tasted great, and secondly, delivered a consistent, controlled experience. We believe that everyone deserves to indulge in life's sweet pleasures without compromising their dietary needs."

The three Cannabis Infused mixes are the first ever baking mixes that have fast-acting THC powder infused in the batter, which takes effect in 15 minutes. Each box promises a consistent experience, delivering a total of 50mg THC spread across 12 servings. This equates to a carefully measured 4.1mg of THC per slice. Every box of mix comes complete with a baking tray in every package, online instruction videos and tips and very simple-to-follow instructions. 

West Town Bakery is working with a local Chicago infuser with a plan to distribute these mixes across the state of Illinois this winter.

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