Weedstock is a dope Delaware festival that wants all the smoke: 'Bring your best buds'

Weedstock is a dope Delaware festival that wants all the smoke: 'Bring your best buds'

At least 2,000 grass lovers are invited to mow down a little greenery while vibing to many bands at the sixth annual Weedstock festival this weekend.

That's why the tagline for the event is "Bring your best buds," another form of "BYOB" that gives folks the green light to have a good time. Just don't bring your kids, as this event is strictly 21 and up.

Delaware's only cannabis-themed music and camping festival returns Friday, Sept. 15, and Saturday, Sept. 16, at Fire Base Lloyd in Townsend.   

This year is special because it marks the first Weedstock where guests get to celebrate the legalization of marijuana in the state. 

That means this also will be the first year Weedstock organizers and guests won't have to look over their shoulder for the police.  

"I'm relieved that it's now legalized. You do realize we've been doing [Weedstock] since 2017, often putting ourselves at risk," Cynthia Ferguson, executive director of Weedstock, said. "This is honestly the first year that I can honestly say I am breathing a sigh of relief."  

What is Weedstock? 

Revelers looking for a dope time at the festival will encounter a host of vendors selling various marijuana-themed products and accessories. That could be anything from vendors selling soap made with hemp to artwork that pays homage to Mary Jane.

There will be food vendors to satisfy guests' munchies, and plenty of live music.

Is weed legal in Delaware? 

Delaware recently became the 22nd state to legalize recreational marijuana use on April 23. The law makes it legal only for adults ages 21 or older. Like smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol in Delaware, it's illegal to consume marijuana if you’re underage.   

Is it legal to smoke weed at Weedstock? 

Yes, it's legal for guests to consume the legal amount of weed at Weedstock. 

Although it's illegal to still consume cannabis in public in the First State, Fire Base Lloyd allows guests to smoke marijuana on their private property for this festival, said Laura Sharer, executive director for Delaware NORML. 

What bands are playing Weedstock?

Musical flavors of rock, blues, psychedelic and more will be cooked up. The festival lineup features headliner Echoes, a Pink Floyd tribute band, as well as Lower Case Blues, The Knotty G's, DMT (Dustin Manucci Trio), Traitor, The Ty Mathis Experience, Mad Dabbers, Hippocampus, The Blues Reincarnation Project and Down Confidential. 

Who does Weedstock benefit? 

The festival is presented by Delfire Group, a production company for events that benefits social causes. Proceeds from Weedstock benefits Delaware NORML, a nonprofit working to reform cannabis laws in the state.    

Sharer said the next cause Delaware NORML is advocating for is that residents be able to legally grow their own weed for personal consumption.  

"[What] we're fighting for next is for home cultivation, marketing it as like '#GrowDelaware' campaign." 

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