Sell Cannabis to Tribes, say New York Lawmakers

Sell Cannabis to Tribes, say New York Lawmakers

New York Legislators Urge Governor to Sign Bill Allowing Cannabis Sales to Tribal Retailers.

The Chairs of the Senate and Assembly Agriculture Committees are calling on the New York Governor to sign bipartisan legislation to open new market relationships between cannabis cultivators and tribal retailers.

With cannabis sellers in New York struggling to sell stock due to the slow roll out of the state’s adult use cannabis programme, the lawmakers are calling on Governor Kathy Hochul to sign the legislation that would provide a short-term solution.

This lack of sales is leading to severe financial distress for cultivators, who are also unable to plant groups for the next growing season.

The Cannabis Crop Rescue Act – Bill A7375/S7295 – would allow adult-use cultivator and processor licensees to sell their cannabis and cannabis products to a cannabis dispensing facility licensed by a tribal nation for retail sale.

Chairs of the Committees – Senator Michelle Hinchey and Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo – as well as Ranking Members – Senator George Borrello and Assemblyman Chris Tague – have issued a join statement on the matter.

“While lawsuits are being litigated and illegal stores are flourishing, New York’s cannabis farmers are suffering. Crops were grown last year with the understanding that there would be a legal market for them to sell it,” they write.

“Now, 250,000 pounds of unsold cannabis is losing value each day.

“In June, we supported and passed a bill through both houses of the Legislature that would allow NY-based Tribal Nations to purchase a portion of our oversupply (A7375/S7295). We are urging the Governor to quickly sign this short-term solution, one that will help provide some measure of relief to what is quickly becoming an agricultural emergency.”

In a public comment, Senator Hinchey stated: “​​NY’s delayed cannabis market rollout has triggered an agricultural emergency.

“Our farmers face dire financial straits with unsold crops from last year, and time is running out to get products to market before they expire. We need the Cannabis Crop Rescue Act.”

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