New York brings cannabis licensing to complete halt

New York brings cannabis licensing to complete halt

"Cannabis Licensing Process Grinds to a Halt in New York Amid Legal Injunction and Regulatory Criticisms.

New York has seen its cannabis licensing process draw to a complete halt after a temporary injunction was implemented on New York’s Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) scheme.

The temporary stalling of the process was implemented as The New York State Cannabis Control Board (CCB) and New York’s Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) had a case brought against them by four service-disabled military veterans who argue that they have been unfairly left out of the first round of awarded licences.

While Judge Bryant initially allowed some exceptions for retail cannabis licenses in the state, he has now changed his decision, criticising state regulators for not being organised.

Bryant’s decision to allow some permit holders to move forward has been met with objections, with the state agency clarifying that they couldn’t confirm if these licensees met all requirements due to the injunction.

As a result, Judge Bryant has now rejected exemptions for all 30 retailers that were supposed to open. The injunction remains for all non-operational retailers.

Judge Bryant also stated that other licensees might be allowed to open on a case-by-case basis if they can prove they meet all the rules and regulations.

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