Way cleared for Cannabis dispensary in Wood River

Way cleared for Cannabis dispensary in Wood River

Wood River Cannabis Dispensary Gets Green Light as Council Opts Against Referendum.

There will be a cannabis dispensary in downtown Wood River; there won’t be a referendum to approve it. Hamstrung by the actions of a prior administration, councilmen opposed to the dispensary opted to drop their push for a vote of the people, which was ultimately deemed to be futile according to councilman Bill Dettmers.

Dettmers also said the prior council had promised developers more than $300 thousand dollars in TIF money for the renovation of the building slated to house the dispensary.

Facing the potential risk of having to defend an expensive lawsuit, the council exited a closed session Monday night and voted 4-1 to approve the TIF allocation and clear the way for the dispensary in the downtown business district.  Dettmers was the lone no vote.

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Region: Illinois

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