State wants to educate public on safe use of Marijuana

State wants to educate public on safe use of Marijuana

The Regulation and Licensing Department acknowledges the benefits cannabis has brought to New Mexico — but still wants to cover a few things about it.

ALBUQUERQUE - The addition of recreational and medicinal marijuana has its perks according to local businesses and health experts, but state departments, like the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department, still want to make sure everyone knows the basic fundamentals of how to use cannabis safely.

“The high-level priorities that we try to address is to know how cannabis affects you,” NMRLD Superintendent Linda Trujillo said.

According to the state's regulation and licensing department, it affects people in a number of ways. That's why the department has created this campaign called “Cannabis Yes and Knows.”

“You could have some bad effects from it,” Trujillo said. “We're just telling folks like, start low and go slow.”

Other aspects the department wants to teach New Mexicans about is how to store their cannabis, making sure to keep it away from kids and pets, as well as specifying not to drive high.

The department has been advertising its campaign at nine locations across Albuquerque in the form of billboards to spread the message. Many local businesses and entrepreneurs previously told KOAT it's been a good investment.

“New Mexico has been getting high for a year now and it's been bringing in some great revenue,” Scott Prisco said. “More than we anticipated.”

In the past, Prisco has talked to KOAT about his cannabis delivery service, Priscottyand the benefits cannabis has brought to the Land of Enchantment.

Be that as it may, officials still want to establish responsible use for cannabis when it comes to safe consumption and safety to others.

“This is a new industry and we're just barely scratching the surface,” Trujillo said.

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