Statewide ‘Cannabis Cup’ competition begins in New Mexico

Statewide ‘Cannabis Cup’ competition begins in New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE - Dozens of recreational marijuana manufacturers and sellers in New Mexico are pitting their products against one another to find out who’s doing it the best.

High Times Magazine is behind the “Cannabis Cup” contest where the winners of each category will receive their own Cannabis Cup trophy. But, organizers and competitors say that’s not the only prize.

“To see this happen, it’s going to put New Mexico on the map,” said Bear, a Cannabis Cup judge. 

Enthusiasts lined up inside Enchanted Botanicals Saturday morning to officially enter New Mexico’s very first Cannabis Cup competition.

“It is again, like the Oscars of cannabis,” said Mark Kazinec, vice president of Cannabis Cups & Events. 

Like the Oscars, the competition is broken down into 11 categories based on the type of product. Think sativa flower, infused pre-rolls, and edible gummies.

But, unlike the Oscars, it’s everyday New Mexicans filling out the ballots.

“Anybody from the OG growers who know how to talk about terpene profiles, to the soccer moms who are trading their glass of wine for a joint at the end of the night. We want their comments, their feedback,” said Kazinec. 

Judges were asked to consider how products look, taste, smell, feel, and especially how well they work. They have two months to try all the samples and submit their feedback online.

There’s about 185 different entries in New Mexico’s competition.

High Times is planning to announce the winner’s during a live show in Rio Rancho this September.

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