Germany announces move to legalise Marijuana

Germany announces move to legalise Marijuana

One country has recently announced plans to legalise recreational cannabis, in a move that is set to ignite the tourism industry.

It’s going to be April 20th every single day in Germany in the near future.

The nation has recently announced plans to legalise recreational cannabis, in a move that is set to relax the rules around growing and consuming the drug.

The new policy will allow those aged 21 and over to legally obtain up to 25 grams of cannabis per day from non-profit members‘ clubs, with a monthly limit of 50 grams.

For individuals aged between 18 and 21, the monthly allowance will be limited to 30 grams. However, the consumption of cannabis on club premises will be prohibited.

Under the new regulations, it will also be legal for adults to cultivate recreational cannabis in their own homes, with the home-growing of up to three female flowering plants permitted.

The second phase of the new policy, which will be limited to five years, will permit specialist shops in various cities and municipalities across Germany to sell recreational cannabis as part of a pilot program similar to those in the United States and Canada.

The German government has justified its new laws by claiming that they will effectively reduce black market activities and organised crime.

It is expected to focus primarily on regulating the quality of cannabis in the country rather than the price, making the new weed market one of the most liberal yet tightly regulated in Europe.

In Europe, Malta is the only other country to have legalised recreational cannabis in recent years. However, across the rest of Europe, decriminalisation of cannabis and hash is much more common than full legalisation.

Possession of certain amounts of the drug for personal recreational use is decriminalised in countries such as Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovenia, and Spain.

Tourism has boomed in recently weed-legal countries like Thailand.

The Netherlands is a famous hotspot for cannabis, having decriminalised possession of up to five grams. However, technically the country only tolerates the drug‘s sale and consumption.

The country is also considering tightening its stance on cannabis, with Amsterdam planning to ban tourists from its cannabis coffee shops and banning weed in its red light district.

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