Why can’t Germany get its medical marijuana industry going?

Technically, medical marijuana is already legal in Germany. But the demand since it was legalized in March 2017 has surprised government officials and led to frequent shortages in pharmacies, with no domestic production in sight.

The problems are compounded by the fact that Germany doesn’t yet have domestic cannabis production. All of the medical marijuana has to be imported, mostly from the Netherlands and Canada, which have established industries. Experts predict the domestic market will reach as much as €6 billion ($6.9 billion) in sales over the next 10 years.


Aphria to acquire CC Pharma, a major German pharmacy with over $200 million in annual revenue

Aphria Inc. ("Aphria" or the "Company") (TSX: APHA and NYSE: APHA) today announced its proposed acquisition of CC Pharma GmbH ("CC Pharma"), a leading distributor of pharmaceutical products to more than 13,000 pharmacies in Germany. The transaction, when closed, will strengthen the Company's end-to-end medical cannabis operations and infrastructure in Germany, a key market in Aphria's international expansion. It is anticipated that the transaction will close in January 2019.


Following Canada's lead, legal cannabis set to take off on a global scale

With Canada legalising recreational marijuana, the coming year could be the one that cements the mainstreaming of cannabis on a global scale. While the substance has long been decriminalized in Portugal and the Netherlands, on 17 October, Canada became the first G7 country to legalise recreational purchase from federally licensed vendors and the second overall, five years after Uruguay did so. 

In practice, this means adults in Canada can possess up to 30 grams and grow as many as four plants. With legalisation, the country is, in effect, moving towards a landscape in which cannabis is treated similar to alcohol and tobacco, namely, as a highly regulated product intended for adult consumption.


One of Canada’s largest cannabis companies is surging after getting approval to export new products to Germany

Shares of Tilray surged as much as 9% in premarket trading on Thursday after the Canadian medical-cannabis producer said it had received regulatory approval to export more products to Germany.

Tilray’s medical-cannabis oil was already on shelves in German pharmacies. The company will soon be able to sell its whole-flower products in addition, making it the only producer that sells both types in Germany.


Meet the cannabis mayor of Augsburg, Germany

Martini Meinreiß is a former construction worker, who in his words, "got infected with the cannabis legalization virus" several years ago. His blond-white dreads speak of an earlier chapter in his life spent as a bit of an international adventurer, writes Margueritte Arnold. These days, when not working on cannabis-related diplomatic missions of all kinds, he can be found in his garden and with the grandkids (from several extended families).


The miracle leaf in the era of blockchain

Cannabis has traveled the world and was found in the sites of prehistoric nomads, ancient China, Indian culture and Viking Ships. The origin of Cannabis dates back to thousands of years in Asia and eventually spread to the Americas and the United States. Through most of the historic journey, Cannabis has been used for a medicinal and spiritual purpose.


The demand for medical marijuana in Germany has skyrocketed over the last year — and it's costing health insurance companies millions

The demand for medical marijuana in Germany has skyrocketed since it was legalised in March last year, placing a greater burden on the country's health insurance providers to cover the cost of prescriptions.

A new report published by German health insurance company Techniker-Krankenkasse, or TK, and the University of Bremen found that as of February nearly 16,000 patients nationwide had applied to be reimbursed for medical marijuana costs, compared to around 1,100 before the law came into effect.

The authors of the "Cannabis Report" also question the medical benefits of cannabis, often touted as an "herbal wonder drug."


Germany: From ‘skyrocketing’ demand to scepticism: one year of medical marijuana

Since medical marijuana was legalized in Germany in March last year, an increasing number of patients are being prescribed the drug. But the healthcare industry has been less enthusiastic about the boom and many questions have gone unanswered.

Demand for cannabis has shot up since it was legalized about a year ago. Around 44,000 units of the plant covered by health insurance were distributed to patients in 2017, according to figures from the pharmacy association ABDA which were recently shown to the German Press Agency (DPA).


German police association calls for complete legalization of cannabis

The Association of German Criminal Officers (BDK) has spoken out in favour of ending the ban on cannabis and has called for the decriminalization of all use of the drug.

"The prohibition of cannabis has historically been seen as arbitrary and has not yet been implemented in an intelligent and effective manner,” the head of BDK, André Schulz, told Bild newspaper on Monday.

“In the history of mankind there has never been a society without the use of drugs; this is something that has to be accepted,” he added.

“My prediction is cannabis will not be banned for long in Germany.‎”

The BDK therefore advocates a "complete decriminalization of cannabis use," Schulz said, adding that the current legal system is stigmatizing people and promoting criminal careers.


Germany may prohibit Medical Cannabis users from owning firearms

A German court has denied a medical cannabis user's appeal to have his firearms license reinstated, creating a precedent that will most likely block German MMJ users from owning guns. The ruling was handed down in the case of a hunter from Miesbach whose hunting and firearms licenses were revoked due to his legal use of medical cannabis. In a statement, authorities said that they made this decision based on an expert opinion stating that the mental well-being of a cannabis user cannot be guaranteed.


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