Legal Woes: German Marketing of Medical Cannabis

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The German process is unlike anything foreigners have ever experienced before—with twists and turns at every step that frequently defy logic.

The German medical cannabis market is one of the largest in the world. Indeed, as of 2021, it is not only the largest market in Europe, but also responsible for driving cultivation plans across many sunnier and lower labor cost locales. This is true of both countries in the European Union (EU) and further flung spots, all hoping to export cannabis to a country, which so far has not, by design, been able to domestically source the medical cannabis consumed in the country. 

All well and good—but this is the good news. 


BMW Continues To Pursue Hemp Materials

Automaker BMW Group is looking to slash the carbon emissions of making and using its cars – and hemp may play a larger role.

BMW has been using hemp for some years, for example in the lining of door panels of its electric i3. This isn’t just a warm and fuzzy tree-hugger thing to attract the eco-savvy consumer; but also plays a (small) role in lightening the vehicle.

It looks like hemp and other plant materials might be getting more of a look in, with the company stating it is stepping up its fight against climate change and will drastically reduce CO2 per vehicle by 2030.

One of the strategies is the increased use of natural materials over petrochemical ones.


German customs officers seize record 2.3 million cannabis seeds

cannabis seeds


German customs officers announced Tuesday they found a record 2.3 million cannabis seeds during cargo checks at Cologne/Bonn airport.

Airport workers discovered the seeds in four containers of 50 kilograms each on May 30, 2021. They were headed to Lithuania from the US, where cannabis is legal in various states.

The discovery could only be revealed on Tuesday because of ongoing investigations and operations after the seizure, Cologne's customs offices said.

The contraband cargo touched down at Cologne/Bonn airport in transit, en route from the US to Lithauania


How Big Is Germany’s Medical Cannabis Market?

Although the German Federal Government legalized medical cannabis only in 2017, its approach to release licenses and the large demand created an attractive market for well-established medical cannabis companies.


Can German pot succeed in a crowded medicinal marijuana market?

For the first time in modern German history, homegrown medical cannabis is being sold to local pharmacies. Although enthusiasts have lauded the milestone, doubts remain about pot's business case in the country.

Long term the nascent German cannabis sector promises to be a growth industry, but it's not going to be quick, easy or cheap

Commercial hemp growers in NeumĂĽnster, Germany, were recently jubilant about their first legal marijuana harvest. Owned and operated by Canadian cannabis company Aphria RX, the plantation has grown a batch of 50 kilograms (110 pounds). The company told DW in a statement that they aim to expand production to "about a ton in the course of the next 12 months."


Legalization Of Cannabis In Germany

After the legalization of medical marijuana in Germany in 2017, there has been a surge in interest from both patients who may benefit from cannabinoids and companies that produce and sell the drug.

Patients who meet the criteria for medicinal cannabis use and have failed to respond to traditional medicine will now expect to receive cannabis-based medications, though marijuana products are still out of reach for those looking to use them recreationally.

We will discuss some main points about the legal and political status of cannabis in Germany.


API Confusion and Lack of Regional Standards: Issues On The Road To The German Cannabis Market


Destination Germany is the watchword for those in the international cannabis industry—but it is still a rocky path to gaining access for most. Specifically, there is a lot of confusion surrounding API and cannabis classification and issues from a lack of consistent standards.


German Government Now Funding Research Into CBD Extracts

The German government is now funding cannabis research on cannabinoid extractions and additives to food. That is a big story. 

However, here is the strange dichotomy at play within the German government. Last month, a federal court remanded a hemp tea seller back to a regional one for being out of spec if not a general nuisance. Yet in April comes the news that a Berlin-based company, Becanex, has received just over a quarter of a million euros from the Central Innovation Programme for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (ZIM) to develop a cannabinoid-containing emulsion for industrial food production. 


Reimbursed Sales of Medical Cannabis in Germany Grew by 34% in 2020

The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds (GKV), whose members insure 90% of the German population have released the data on reimbursed medical cannabis usage covering the entirety of 2020. The new data reveal that the reimbursed sales of medical cannabis were worth €165 million in 2020. 



The GKV have released data showing that the market for medical cannabis in Germany continued to grow in 2020, increasing by 34% compared to 2019 excluding the newly added product Epidiolex. Sales reached a new record in Q4 albeit by a slim margin, totalling €43 million. This does not include the sales of cannabis which were paid for privately.


German Court Ruling Now Allows Hemp in Food

To be clear, the recent court decision is not specifically related to hemp in food, but by clearing hemp tea sellers of trafficking charges, the German court ruling opened a door to allow hemp products in food.

The world of cannabis just got bigger as a German court ruling opened the door for hemp to be used in food. This is as exciting as the advent of delta-8 THC products, and the ability to get the same kind of benefits as standard THC, while experiencing less psychoactive effects, and less anxiety. We can even help you get started if you’re a beginner with this new THC. Check out our awesome delta-8 THC deals, and join in on the excitement!


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