“Weed Nuns” put faith in Cannabis

“Weed Nuns” put faith in cannabis

For a group of women living in a commune in a remote area of California near Yosemite, marijuana is a religion.

The self-proclaimed “Sisters of the Valley,” also nicknamed the Weed Nuns, are a group of feminist healers who grow, harvest and produce their own line of cannabis products.

They don’t represent an official religion but wear traditional habits inspired by ancient Beguines and promote the healing properties of marijuana for body and soul.

Sister Kate Meeusen started the enclave eight years ago after becoming active in the Occupy movement.

She said she wanted to empower women interested in healing and bought the remote home and farm in Merced County to launch a new age order of nuns.

In addition to locally sold marijuana products, the sisters also ship Cannabidiol (CBD) products, touted for its healing properties, worldwide through their website.

Their top seller is a tropical salve that soothes achy joints.

There are currently six nuns living and working there, whose numbers fluctuate throughout the growing season, with women coming to stay at the property from places as far away as New Zealand.

They have also expanded worldwide, with new chapters operating in Mexico, Brazil and Sweden.

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