Cannabis startup launches its Medicinal capsules named 'Calmasule'

Cannabis Wellness Startup Awshad Launches Its Cannabis Medicinal Capsules Named 'Calmasule'

Delhi-based cannabis wellness startup Awshad has announced the launch of their new prescription product - a cannabis medicinal capsule line branded as ‘Calmasule’.

The objective behind this roll-out of the new product line of Awshad is to help people experience the healing qualities of cannabis in the form of a capsule in order to enable them to alleviate pain, insomnia, stress and various other lifestyle ailments through an all-natural solution and thus aid their overall well-being. Interestingly, the naming of Calmasule is inspired by the first and foremost effect of this capsule, which is to calm down one’s nerves to further help an individual with managing anxiety, pain and sleep issues.

With this new line of products, Awshad intends to expand its target audience and customer base and thereby increase sales and revenue in order to consolidate market leadership. Thisin turn will help Awshad infuse more resources in educating and spreading awareness to destigmatize cannabis and spread awareness on its myriad wellness benefits, which till date remains the biggest hurdle in this industry.

Awshad has been working with leading cannabis manufacturing and formulation teams in India in a bid to come out with these superlative, pure cannabis extract capsules that have been proven to have very high efficacy and showed extremely promising results amongst the focus groups. Only if and when they have a prescription, the customers would be able to buy Awshad’s newly-launched capsule products directly from the Awshad website or via aggregator marketplaces like CBD Store, It’s Hemp and others.

Awshad’s new range of capsules have been made available under two variants: Calmasule and Calmasule Plus; the main difference between these two variants lies in the concentration/ratio of CBD and THC (both of them being compounds present in cannabis) present in the product. Calmasule is the milder product variant which is more versatile and can be used by a wide range of users. With 10mg CBD and 5mg THC (2:1 CBD: THC ratio), Calmasule helps patients combat anxiety, stress, insomnia and mild pain issues. On the other hand, Calmsule+ is a much stronger product variant with 15mg CBD and 15mg THC (1:1 CBD: THC ratio), thus especially recommended for those facing chronic and more serious ailments like chronic pains, chronic insomnia, Cancer, Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, Arthritis, etc.

Speaking on the launch of the new product, Shivam Singhee, Co-Founder & CEO, Awshad said, “We at Awshad are extremely pleased and excited to introduce our and India’s first cannabis extract-based capsules to the market, called Calmasule and Calmasule Plus. These newly-launched Awshad capsules are meant to derive the best efficacy and results for our discerning Indian customers. Also, these capsules will be the strongest products among our current offerings, and is geared towards people who are looking for highly effective products to deal with their more serious ailments. In the long run, we understand the importance of a variety of products under a trusted brand can lead to bigger market acceptance, and knowing that our customers come from diverse backgrounds and situations, we shall continue to strive to serve them all with appropriate products that will help them achieve their health and wellness goals.”

Richa Jaggi, Co-Founder & CMO, Awshad adds, “As a brand in a nascent industry, it is imperative that we continue to innovate and our biggest inspiration comes from our customers and we always listen to what they require from us. Some of our customers wanted an easier to carry and an easier product to administer (instead of using the dropper for Vijaya Oils). And we also found out that a lot of people are more comfortable with capsules and pills over edible tinctures. We further recognized that we were interacting with a lot of people who are looking for stronger cannabis products in the market, as the current offering isn’t satisfying their needs. Following these findings and active listening to our customers’ feedback, we are glad to now introduce Awshad’s new medicinal cannabis capsules. Looking at the growing acceptance in the market, we are very certain Calmasule will create a huge demand in the Indian cannabis space and help Awshad to consolidate its leadership in the Indian medical cannabis space.”

Notably, Awshad’s dynamic website has multiple onboarded in-house doctors who can help patients to get valid prescriptions for the product, and would also diagnose and provide answers to any queries a patient may have. If one already has a valid prescription, he/she can simply upload the prescription during the checkout process while purchasing the product on the Awshad website.

Previously, Awshad had also launched its flagship prescription product named ‘Awshad Full Spectrum Vijaya Oil’. While Awshad’s Vijaya Oil product offers more value for money and last longer for the consumers, but their latest offering, i.e. the Calmasule capsules are meant for people who prefer pills over edible oils. The Awshad capsules have no taste, are easy to swallow, and would help people with more consistent dosages. In the near future, Awshad will continue to innovate constantly with newer formats of medical cannabis while attempting to move closer to their vision of revolutionizing the wellness sector in India. Notably, all of Awshad’s products are intensively lab-tested and certified by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India.

Region: India

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