Pelican Delivers in talks with Tesla to create new Cannabis Delivery Vans


The collaboration would be the first of its kind in the history of the world.

BREMERTON - Pelican Delivers is thrilled to announce it is currently in talks with Tesla to create and produce vans specifically for delivering cannabis.

Pelican Delivers is the first and only, on-demand patented cannabis delivery service in the United States and Canada. The company collaborates with state/province-licensed cannabis stores to purchase products and then deliver them directly to the consumer, utilizing innovative technology to facilitate dynamic workflow of orders, real time lead generation for drivers, escrow, release and transfer of funds and authentication of customer identity prior to delivery. Pelican Delivers strives to always comply with both state/provincial laws and interstate commerce.

In the company’s most exciting news to date, Pelican Delivers is collaborating with renowned electric automotive company, Tesla, to design and manufacture delivery vans specifically created for delivering cannabis. The historical announcement comes at a time when electric vehicles are wildly sought-after for both individual and commercial use, and when cannabis use is at an all-time high.

“We couldn’t be more pumped about our concept of electric cannabis delivery vans,”
says founder and CEO of Pelican Delivers, Dave Comeau. “This is an idea we’ve had for some time, so to be in current talks with Tesla about our vision is such a humbling experience. We can’t wait to see what the final product will look (and drive) like.”

About Pelican Delivers

Founded by husband-and-wife team Dave & Tina Comeau in 2017, Pelican Delivers is an on-demand nationwide patented cannabis delivery service, which officially started in 2018. Prior to Pelican Delivers, Dave was the IT Supervisor at one of Washington State’s largest Tribal Casinos. Having gained this casino experience, Dave and his family opened the Ponderay Café & Casino in Bremerton WA, where he was the general manager. In 2010, Dave was a Medical Marijuana Grower and processor where he grew the business from one small tent in his garage to an 8,000 sqft warehouse. In 2016, Dave opened a chain of retail cannabis stores (Better Buds) in Washington State with annual revenue over 16 million.


Region: Washington