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Black Farmers Feel Left Out Of Medical Marijuana System

black farmer

FLORIDA - Nearly six years ago, the Florida Legislature set aside a medical marijuana license for a Black farmer like John Allen to join the burgeoning industry.

But the license still has not been issued by the Florida Department of Health, which regulates the industry.

aim of the Legislature in 2016. In the intervening years, the licenses have generated enormous revenues from some of the license holders — frustrating the Black farmers who wonder how they can catch up.


Tyson 2.0, Mike Tyson's premium cannabis brand, launches in Washington State with exclusive concentrates and flower by Mammoth Labs



Tyson 2.0's premium product line is now available at 16 retail locations across Washington in partnership with Mammoth Labs

Tyson 2.0 ("The Company"), legendary boxer, entrepreneur and cannabis advocate Mike Tyson's cannabis brand, today announced in collaboration with its exclusive partner, Mammoth Labs that Tyson 2.0's premium suite of cannabis products are now available at sixteen dispensaries across the state of Washington.

"Tyson 2.0 x Mammoth Labs products will pack twice the punch for Washington cannabis consumers with our high THC strains and superior terpene profiles,'' said Mike Tyson, Chief Brand Officer and Co-Founder of Tyson 2.0.


Pasco schools receive grant for youth tobacco and cannabis prevention and education


The Educational Service District 123 received over $230,000 in grant funds for tobacco and cannabis prevention and education over the next five years. The Youth Cannabis and Commercial Tobacco Prevention Program Hispanic/Latinx Priority Population grant takes effect with the start of the 2022-23 school year. 

The funding goes towards educational resources for Hispanic and Latinx students and families regarding cannabis and tobacco prevention. Some resources include education for both parents and youth, media outreach in English and Spanish and the distribution of containers that store products safely by locking. 


The 14 best cannabis shops in Seattle


For happy hours and medically certified budtenders, look no further than these dispensaries for weed in Seattle.

It’s no secret that Seattle is a pothead’s paradise. Washington was one of the first states to legalize weed way back in 2012, and it’s now home to over 500 dispensaries statewide—meaning that, when it comes to bud, we are really and truly spoiled for choice. From edibles and pre-rolls to tinctures and teas, there’s no shortage of flavors, doses, and deals to be had—and no shortage of budtenders willing to guide you through the myriad of options. Here are our 14 favorite pot shops in Seattle, all of which are guaranteed to provide a high quality experience.


Mandatory pesticide testing begins April 2 for all cannabis products in WA


Protecting consumers from unhealthy products is key for cannabis growth worldwide

Several years after Washington's legislature first discussed these requirements, the state has finally approved compulsory pesticide testing for all cannabis products produced and sold in the state. Cannabis manufacturers have a duty to meet the demands of cannabis users in a state. For profit reasons, some of these operators have settled for harmful chemicals to increase the output of their crops. These chemicals include insecticides, pesticides, and inorganic fertilizers. Many of them are unfit for human consumption.


How to stop pot-shop robberies: Allow stores access to banking


By citizen initiative a decade ago, the people of Washington legalized a regulated market for recreational cannabis. As a leading state to end this prohibition, Washington has seen the rise of a $1.4 billion-a-year industry now generating well over a half-billion dollars in annual state revenue. The growth of our state’s cannabis industry is remarkable since outdated federal drug and banking laws prohibit the agricultural, processing and retail cannabis industries from using financial institutions, forcing business owners to conduct business almost entirely in cash. Despite U.S. Treasury policy that essentially consents to state-authorized cannabis sales, nearly all financial institutions are still federally banned from the cannabis market.


Modernize the liquor and cannabis board

liquor and cannabis


Much has changed in the 10 years since Washington voters approved Initiative 502, which legalized recreational marijuana. More than a dozen states have followed suit, and while for some the rosiest tax revenue projections failed to materialize, none have seen the dire consequences opponents envisioned.

What hasn’t changed, even as the marketplace continues to evolve and mature, is the state’s enforcement arm, the Liquor and Cannabis Board. In 2019, the Legislature effectively worked to move the LCB away from a culture of punitive enforcement to that of a business regulatory agency, while keeping a strong focus on public safety.


Washington lawmakers urge halt to hemp-derived THC in state

cannabis gummies

Washington lawmakers are making a last-ditch attempt to block intoxicating, synthetically derived cannabis products, including gummy candies and vape oil, from being sold at gas stations, convenience stores and smoke shops after earlier bills failed.

“These are being sold right now, without any regulation, without any oversight,” said Democratic Sen. Karen Keiser.

“It’s a public health danger and a threat, and it needs to be removed.”


Washington wants harsher penalties for dispensary robbers

inside dispensary

Washington has an issue with legal cannabis robberies, and they’re eager to put it to an end with harsher penalties.

A proposal in Washington to impose harsher penalties for robbing cannabis retailers was approved by lawmakers in the state Senate last week. 

The legislation, Senate Bill 5927, would tack on a year to the prison sentence of an individual convicted of first or second degree robbery of a cannabis shop—which, as local television station KING 5 noted, is “the same sentence that is given to someone who robs a pharmacy.”

The sponsor of the bill, Republican state Senator Jim Honeyford, invoked a notorious 20th century American bank robber to convey the urgency behind the proposal.


WA cannabis bill seeks to make industry more diverse, equitable

black business people

Jim Buchanan is more than ready for change.

A second-generation Seattleite, cannabis retailer and entrepreneur, he is also president of the Washington State African American Cannabis Association and has spent months fighting for House Bill 2022, a bill that would make sweeping changes to Washington state’s cannabis industry.

The bill is the latest in a series of legislation intended to increase social equity and racial diversity in the cannabis trade.


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