Cannabis Lounges approved to open in Las Vegas


LAS VEGAS - Marijuana consumption lounges are one step closer to coming to the Las Vegas city limits.

City Council voted 5-1 against a motion by Councilwoman Victoria Seaman on Wednesday. She wanted to stop businesses from applying for a cannabis lounge license from the state. Nevada will open the application window for licensing weed lounges for 10 days from Oct.14-27. The decision by council will allow businesses including dispensaries to apply for the state license while the city moves forward to create its own ordinance and regulations.

“It's going to bring, you know, a whole new vibe and atmosphere, “said cannabis consumer Erik Baum. “As opposed to going to a bar, you don't have to go out and drink, you can go out and smoke socially with your friends."

Until that happens, Baum buys his weed from Oasis Cannabis Dispensary to take home. The business is very interested in adding a lounge for customers to smoke or consume edibles.

"We've been waiting for this moment for so long,” said Oasis sales floor manager, Raphael Maldonado, “It's only going to help."

Helping to give roughly 40 million tourists a place to legally smoke. The current law leaves many from out of town consuming the drug illegally, either on the streets or a hotel room. However, a cannabis lounge takes away the limitations.

“It will provide a safe place for people to consume, you know, worry free,” he said,

Bringing cannabis lounges may also bring more opportunities to the city of Las Vegas.

"That means more investment in our city to issue business licenses and occupy spaces,” said Councilwoman Olivia Diaz.

However, Councilwoman Seaman wants a “trial and error” to see what happens with Clark County’s lounges. Commissioners worked towards finalizing their proposed rules for consumption lounges in unincorporated Clark County on Tuesday

"I just don't think there's enough data for consumption lounges to see any outcome,” she said.

The other city council members disagree.

"I'm not overzealous over this topic but I see that there is a need, and we should offer businesses the opportunity to continue to invest in our city,” Councilwoman Diaz said.

Making Baum lit about the future of cannabis.

"I'm looking forward to seeing what it brings to the valley."

Las Vegas and unincorporated Clark County will be the only jurisdictions in Southern Nevada with the cannabis consumption lounges.

Region: Nevada