Exporting cannabis for medical use can lift status of millions

Will marijuana, like a lot of the region’s agricultural exports, get out of the continent as a primary product as investors and controllers of refining technology cream off the big bucks? Will fear triumph over logic as governments stick to old anti-narcotics control laws to lock citizens out of the value chain as foreign investors are licensed to set up weed farms for profit?

These are pertinent questions in light of the enduring inequalities that have kept farmers in perpetual poverty which appears to defy all interventions. Despite their thankless task of keeping nations fed, farmers remain so poor in Africa that in most places, they are derisively called peasants.


East Africa could become a major cannabis export hub

The East African Community could become a mass producer of medical cannabis for export to fast-growing markets in the West.

This is after Rwanda on October 12 became the latest EAC partner state to approve medical cannabis production for export, following closely in the footsteps of Uganda.

Tanzania and Kenya, which produce the largest amounts of cannabis in the region, are yet to legalise the commodity and so it is exported illegally.

Rwanda government officials said the decision to legalise the export of medical marijuana was based on the revenue potential for the country. 


These are the top 10 cannabis-consuming countries in Africa

Congratulations, or canna-gratulations, to Nigeria.

The West African country has the distinction of being home to the largest number of cannabis consumers on the African continent by a huge margin of over 20 million users, according to New Frontier Data’s recent report titled, Global Cannabis Report: 2019 Industry Outlook.


Tanzania legislator wants government to legalise use of marijuana

Dodoma.  Kahama Urban MP Jumanne Kishimba (CCM) wants the government to legalise the use of Bhang or Marijuana in Tanzania for medical purposes.

He told Parliament on Monday May 20, 2019, that four other African countries have already legalised marijuana cultivation for manufacture of human medicine.

According to the legislator, it would be good as a country to consider similar opportunities as the earliest time possible.

“As we speak, Uganda has legalised the cultivation of marijuana for therapeutic purposes,” he said, referring to recent news reports that the East Africa country has bought seeds to plant the weed.

He said that up to 80 per cent of medicines used to alleviate pain in cancer patients are from marijuana.


18 Countries Ranked For Marijuana Tolerance In Africa

African governments have tried to limit and stop its use, but marijuana remains deeply ingrained in African tradition, recreation and economies.

It is illegal everywhere in Africa, but an important source of income. Levels of tolerance and law enforcement related to marijuana vary from country to country.

The website Marijuana Travels ranks 260 countries including at least 42 African countries for tolerance to marijuana. Countries are ranked from 1 — highly prohibited — to 10 — legal. Rankings include on-the-ground information on enforcement. The site appears to be updated regularly, in some cases, daily. The home page says the site was created to inform viewers of conditions affecting marijuana, which can change daily and sometimes hourly.


Police confiscate over 10 tons of marijuana in northern Tanzania

Tanzania ranks fourth in the world as a producer of dried marijuana.


ARUSHA, Tanzania, (Xinhua) -- Police in northern Tanzania on Saturday announced to have confiscated 12.4 tons of marijuana, the biggest seizure of the illicit drug of the year in the East African nation.

Arusha Regional Police Chief Liberatus Sabas told reporters here that the seizure is part of their commitment to freeing the country from narcotics and drugs.

"This is a result of collective effort made by the police force, Anti-Narcotics Unit and other security agencies," Sabas said.


Tanzania police seize more than ten ton of marijuana

Police in northern Tanzania on Saturday announced to have confiscated 12.4 tons of marijuana, the biggest seizure of the illicit drug of the year in the East African nation.

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