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amazon shop
Friday, 26/11/21
Apple no longer prohibits marijuana delivery services from being hosted on its App Store, and Amazon now excludes marijuana from its pre-employment drug screening. Will more companies start making similar changes and come on board, especially since Wall Street investors are paying more attention to U.S. and Canadian cannabis companies?... + continue reading
man in handcuffs
Friday, 26/11/21
To understand how rapidly New York overhauled its marijuana laws, look no further than its impact on the criminal justice system. Fewer and fewer people are being arrested on marijuana offenses in New York, underscoring the major effect of the drug’s decriminalization in 2019 and, ultimately, its legalization this past March. From April... + continue reading
woman smoking marijuana
Friday, 26/11/21
Health officials in Connecticut are issuing a warning about fentanyl-laced marijuana which is being eyed in a rash of overdoses throughout the state. Since July, 39 overdoses requiring the use of naloxone for revival have been reported. In each of the cases, the person involved said they had only smoked marijuana, but officials said... + continue reading
Friday, 26/11/21
Republicans from statehouses to Congress are pushing legalization bills. Republicans are warming to weed. Nearly half of Republican voters support federally decriminalizing cannabis, and GOP lawmakers are now beginning to reflect their constituents’ view by increasingly supporting broad legalization at the state and federal level... + continue reading
Hanukkah candle
Friday, 26/11/21
Happy Marijuanukah! (Yes, we just wrote that.) Believe it or not, weed and Chanukah are a great fit together. Cannabis sales soar over the holiday season, and reports show an increasing number of Jewish cannabis enthusiasts are lighting up more than just menorahs during their celebrations. Plus, cannabis is Kosher,... + continue reading
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Friday, 26/11/21
A poll published this week showed that only a fraction of residents in Massachusetts believe legalization of marijuana has negatively impacted the state. The University of Massachusetts Amherst and WCVB published a poll on Monday in which 61% of respondents said legal adult-use cannabis has overall been positive for the state. While... + continue reading

Medical Cannabis News

Thursday, 25/11/21
Pharmacy chains will be appealing the verdict that they created a public nuisance by contributing the Ohio’s opioid crisis. A federal jury in Ohio on Tuesday found that pharmacy giants Walgreens,... + continue reading

Regional Cannabis News

Colorado is the first state to legalize the cultivation and sale of marijuana for recreational purposes. + continue reading

Cannabis Business

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Friday, 26/11/21
Have you recently started your very own cannabis business but don’t really know what you’re doing or how to be successful? Do you want to know what you can be doing to improve your cannabis business... + continue reading

Cannabis Technology

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Friday, 19/11/21
Licensed to a Vancouver company, the goal is to employ technology that converts liquid solution to a gel to commercialize products in the form of a nasal spray. Australia’s University of... + continue reading

Cannabis Politics

ohio bridge
Friday, 26/11/21
One of the lawmakers who sponsored the law that legalized medical marijuana in Ohio says it’s now time to broaden the program. Senate Bill 261 received a first hearing last week... + continue reading