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Should Public Cannabis Consumption Be Allowed?

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In New York City, when they allowed public smoking of marijuana, arrests declined significantly. Sounds like a no brainer — if it’s legal to smoke weed in public, cops can’t arrest you. Except, in some places there are grey areas and cops like to exploit these grey areas to increase arrest records and feel like they are “enforcing the LAW!”

It turns out that all you have to do for cops not to do something is to make it legal. The police is blind to the moral consequences of law — they simply enforce it. You know, like Superior Orders!

However, the issue of public cannabis consumption isn’t limited to New York City; it’s a topic that will most definitely come up in every future legalization debate from now until cannabis is completely integrated into society.


The Story of Cannabis in Five Essential Strains

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Arguing over which strains of cannabis are the best is a time-honored tradition. In good company and armed with some basic knowledge on the seemingly endless bounty of cannabis varietals now available, the quest to defend your chosen strain as the best of the bunch is often a largely subjective exercise. But a fun one nonetheless. By contrast, a conversation on which cannabis strains deserve to be considered essential in an overall survey of the plant’s long, strange history is a different matter entirely.


California-Grown Cannabis To Be Judged At Next State Fair

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California’s state fair has struggled with two years of COVID cancellations. But planning is already underway for next year’s event.

And among the livestock and food competitions, there will be a new award handed out for top pot. We’re getting answers on just how the cannabis competition will be judged. The state fair is a Sacramento summertime tradition.

Along with all the food and fun, its purpose is to recognize the best in California. Annual competitions are held to pick the top wine, cheese, olive oil, and craft beer. But next year, a new category is being added: cannabis cultivation.

“It’s a big milestone for the cannabis industry,” said Brian Applegarth, CEO of Cultivar Brands.

Cal Expo’s board of directors approved the top pot competition.


Cookbook explores cannabis' potential in culinary repertoire

bread with cannabis leaf on it

Although Tracey Medeiros insists her new cannabis-focused cookbook is not a party book, it definitely includes a recipe for a favorite treat: pot brownies.

“I couldn’t resist,” Medeiros said of the fudgy, deeply chocolate recipe. The nod to pot brownies is just one of 125 recipes in “The Art of Cooking with Cannabis,” a handbook for understanding how elements and products of the cannabis plant can be incorporated into the kitchen. Recipes range from desserts to starters (sweet corn and cashew chowder) to mains (chicken and kale meatballs with cherry tomatoes and cannabis pesto; and mussels with roasted corn puree and peppers).


Italy set to hold cannabis referendum

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Referendum to call for Italy to liberalise cannabis.

Italy is set for a referendum on liberalising the use of cannabis after activists gathered half a million signatures, the threshold required to trigger a public vote.

The referendum, which could be held early next year, proposes to legalise the growing of cannabis for personal use and scrap prison sentences for selling small amounts of the drug.

The petition gathered 500,000 signatures in the first seven days, a result described as "extraordinary but not surprising" by organisers who said the "speed of mobilisation confirms the desire for change on cannabis."


Big Gigantic, Colorado Marijuana Brand Join Forces for Charity

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Seed & Smith has launched a new collaboration for cannabis and music lovers, partnering with Colorado band Big Gigantic to release limited-edition THC cartridges for the company's popular line of Dart vaporizer pods.

A brand encompassing dispensaries, in-house cannabis cultivation and extracted products, Seed & Smith has worked with a handful of musicians and artists over the years, but chief operating officer Brooks Lustig is particularly excited about the Big Gigantic project.

“The one thing that was exciting about this one is the fact that Big Gigantic wanted to do something that was for charity, that could help out the situation here in Colorado,” Lustig says of the Boulder-based musical duo.


Yogajuana: How local marijuana advocates are working to break the stigma

Woman yoga

You might be familiar with the practice and poses of yoga, but have you ever heard of yogajuana? 

For millennia, yoga has been used to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Some use it for strength training or flexibility, but now, some members of Southwest Florida’s medical marijuana community are taking yoga to a deeper level by incorporating cannabis.

“We come to yoga to work on our own individual areas, whether we are trying to let go of something or conjure up something, heal something, so that’s really the concept,” said Tara Mina, a yoga instructor and cannabis advocate, also known as “Yoga Mama.” “It’s not so much about cannabis, it’s about treating the symptoms of why we choose to use cannabis.”


The Rise Of Marijuana Mixology

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Although it is true that great cocktails come down to the perfect balancing of spirit, sweet, sour and bitter and salty, there is creativity and achievement to be made in this exciting realm of marijuana mixology.It seems like every time you enter a dispensary, there is a brand-new way to consume cannabis. Whether it is an edible in homage to a favorite snack food, or a tiny discreet vaporizer, there is no lack of creativity in product development.One of the latest trends in recreational cannabis consumption is less inspired by exotic creativity and scientific achievement; it’s derived from hundreds of years of mixing and shaking behind the dark mahogany bars of the world.The cannabis cocktail is quickly gaining popularity as a fun and effective way to ingest CBD or THC.


Cannabis wines use dealcoholization, emulsion technology to transform Napa’s signature beverage

red wine in glass

After working in the wine industry for 30 years and innovation for 15, Tracey Mason was looking for a change of pace —  and chemistry.

The wine-to-weed pipeline grabbed a hold of Mason, and she quickly learned how the wine and cannabis industries were similar and differ. With her current venture — House of Saka — Mason is able to combine these worlds as co-founder and CEO of a de-alcoholized, cannabis-infused wine company.


Exploring Cannabis Culture Through Flower-Based

cannabis bud with flower

If you are into cannabis or music, it’s more likely than not that you’ve unknowingly seen Greg Welch’s art somewhere.

Under the Cannabiscapes acronym, the young creator has produced hundreds of art pieces using ground cannabis flowers and other related products for everyone and their grandmothers. From art galleries, to stores, to album covers, Cannnabiscapes have become a must-have for cannabis aficionados.

But, how did this guy go from having to hide his actual name to distribute his art to becoming one of the best-known craftspeople in the pot world? (Photo Credit: Cannabiscapes)


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