Tilray Announces Medical Cannabis Export to Cyprus

Tilray, a global leader in medical cannabis research and production, today announced that Tilray cannabinoid products have arrived and are cleared for distribution in European Union member state Cyprus after the company received necessary approvals in Canada and Cyprus to export cannabinoid formulations for patients in Cyprus.

“We are proud to be able to offer patients access to high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis products in Cyprus,” said Brendan Kennedy, Tilray President.


Medical Cannabis Coming to Cyprus

Cancer patients in advanced stages will finally get a chance to relieve their pain, following confirmation from the Health Ministry that medical cannabis will be given to those who applied and got approved for the hash oil.

Health Minister George Pamboridis told the media that the cannabis oil will be given for free only to cancer patients who have been approved by the health ministry.

According to the minister, who is currently the only authority who can administer medical cannabis, approved patients were those who are in the final stage of the disease, in other words, those with cases where other treatments have failed and the patient’s condition is irreversible.


Cyprus: Cannabis in Kamares

NAN MACKENZIE meets a respectable grandma who smokes a joint every night before bed and calls for the legalisation of medical marijuana and the decriminalising of cannabis use.


Cyprus: Medical Cannabis Drug Approval Too Late for Teenager

A teenager’s appeal to have his request to use a cannabis-based medicine has been approved, three days before he finally succumbed to cancer.

The youngster had been pleading with the Health Ministry for two years to allow him to take the drug to ease his suffering but his request was only granted three days before he died.

The 19-year-old’s tragic case began when the medication he was taking at the time – to help ease his suffering – were not taking effect. He had previously been diagnosed with an incurable and inoperable brain tumour.

It was then that his doctors recommended that he make a request to the Health Ministry to allow him to take medicine – banned in Cyprus because it contains cannabis.


Bitcoin cannabis order goes wrong

A British man in Paphos has been taken into custody after police discovered that he had ordered illegal drugs online with the use of the bitcoin digital currency to pay for mail delivery.

The 23-year-old expart had visited an underground social forum where he was able to use bitcoin credit to pay for his order, said to be 30 grams of cannabis.

The order was processed in Canada where the illegal drugs were sealed in an envelope and were delivered to the suspect in Konia community in Cyprus.

Local police had been informed about the delivery and were on the lookout for the man picking up the package. It is believed that the sealed envelope was protected in such a way that it would not have been easy for someone to know its contents inside.


Cyprus: Synthetic cannabis busts on the rise

The surge in the number of synthetic cannabis being seized by the Turkish Cypriot police is a concern, according to media reports on Monday.

The drug – and especially the brand ‘Bonsai’ – is said to be highly addictive and is known to cause mental disorders, severe hallucinations, violent behaviour, and even heart attacks.

Figures for 2014 showed that around five kilos of ‘Bonsai’ were apprehended in the north, whilst the figure nearly doubled in 2015. Five people are said to have died after overdosing on the synthetic cannabis which is often termed spice.

Due to its low selling price and extreme high, the drug has become popular amongst youths, particularly in Turkey.


Cyprus: Red tape denies dying cancer patient of medical cannabis relief

A 19-year-old cancer patient made three requests to receive medical cannabis but permission to use the drug was only given by the health minister a few days before he died.

The young man who died last Saturday had supported his requests with medical evidence as well as a doctor’s prescription as he needed the medicine for pain relief while receiving chemotherapy. As the use of medical cannabis is not allowed in Cyprus, he appealed directly to the health minister. The Cyprus Mail asked the health ministry why it took so long to sign the request.


Drugs baron John Anslow fails in bid to clear name

Anslow was at the head of a major drugs ring, which sold and distributed cocaine and cannabis across the West Midlands.

The 35-year-old became Britain’s most wanted man when he was violently and dramatically sprung from a prison van outside HMP Hewell near Redditch to Stafford Crown Court.

He then went on the run to Northern Cyprus.

While still at large, Anslow, of St Mark's Road, Tipton, was found guilty of conspiracy to supply cocaine and cannabis and sentenced to 22 years behind bars in September 2012.

Yesterday (THURS) he challenged his convictions at London's Criminal Appeal Court, with his lawyers arguing the trial should not have been held in his absence and that the judge misdirected the jury.


Man of 68 admits growing cannabis

A 68-year-old man form Mammari village in Nicosia has been arrested after cannabis plants were found in the buffer zone.

Drug Squad Police (YKAN) officers – acting on a tip-off – entered the area and retrieved 57 cannabis plants said to be around 1.5 metres in height. The man, who owns a field and two houses in the area, has reportedly admitting to growing the plants. His properties were placed under surveillance.

Police later searched the man’s two homes where they found 1,200 grams of cannabis and 1.3grams of hemp seeds.


Greek couple busted with cannabis at airport

A Greek couple were caught with 23 kilos of cannabis in their luggage at Larnaca airport on Friday evening.

According to the police, the Greek 54-year-old man had arrived on a flight from Athens. When customs police search his luggage, they found 12 kilos of the drug in 10 separate packages.

The man had arrived in Cyprus with his 48-year-old wife, also from Greece. The woman had already passed through customs.

The woman, who had already cleared through customs, was located by men of the Anti-drug Squad (YKAN).

Her luggage, abandoned at the airport, was found to contain another seven packages with a total of 11 kilos of cannabis.

The couple were arrested, and following police interrogation admitted their guilt.


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