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Canadian officials announce cannabis is permitted at Yukon camping sites

For Canadians, smoking weed in national parks is already extremely common and mundane. But now, it’s also legal—with a few exceptions. Days ahead of Canada’s historic legalization of marijuana on October 17, 2018, Parks Canada announced a rule change to permit campers to consume cannabis. But since Canada’s provinces can set their own consumption rules, many provincial authorities tweaked the blanket authorization.


How Will Legalization Impact Canada's Northern Territories?

Most of the discussion around legalization has been centered on the provinces, but how will it affect the northern territories differently?

When the government begins to digest the marijuana legalization task force’s report, the feedback they will be reading will come from numerous stakeholders — from individual citizens, to activist groups, health professionals, and municipal, provincial, and territorial governments, to name a few.

We’ve covered a lot of issues arising from many of these groups, but we’ve not yet discussed in  depth the issues facing Canada’s territories.


Canada: Premiers want to avoid 'patchwork' marijuana legalization

Premiers say they want quick action from the federal government on the legalization of marijuana.

Speaking before the start of their annual meeting in Whitehorse, several provincial leaders say they want Ottawa to move on the issue to prevent a patchwork of enforcement and distribution.

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister says he plans to raise the issue at the meeting.

He says several premiers have expressed informal concerns to him.

British Columbia Premier Christy Clark says she wants to see federal laws so her province can focus on safety.

Saskatchewan's Brad Wall says he wants to ensure consistent enforcement across Canada.

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