Bill Allowing Medical Marijuana Oil Goes to Governor

Virginia lawmakers are paving the way for the production and distribution of medical marijuana oils. 

Senate Bill 701 passed in both houses of the Virginia General Assembly. The bill allows for the eventual production and distribution of cannabis oils, which supporters say can ease conditions for people with severe epilepsy.

The bill now goes to Governor Terry McAuliffe’s desk for his signature.


Eugene Monroe Suggests the NFL Should Change Its Stance on Marijuana

Monroe and others think that marijuana is an effective and safe solution for pain relief.

While there's slowly been a growing and serious discussion about marijuana and its legality in this country, we've hardly seen any such talk in the NFL. The substance has been somewhat of a taboo subject in league circles, with league officials hardly even entertaining discussion about changing their stances on marijuana in football.


Bill Passes to Allow Medical Marijuana Oil in Virginia

 Big news today for children and adults hoping to get a form of medical marijuana to treat epilepsy.

The General Assembly has passed a bill allowing cannabidiol, or CBD, to be produced and distributed in Virginia.

Senator Dave Marsden said,

"Marijuana is a plant and there is a process by which you can derive these oils from that plant that can help people, and help our young children."

Senator Dave Marsden sponsored the bill which expands on last year's legislation that allows people with epilepsy to have the oil in their possession.


Hemp Manufacturing Legalized in the Commonwealth

RICHMOND, Va. (WSET) -- The Manufacturing of Industrial Hemp for commercial purposes was approved according to Virginia's Legislation Information System.

Governor Terry McAuliffe signed the bill after it passed the General Assembly 138 - 0.

This bill will allow farmers to legally manufacture industrial hemp products. The law will go into effect July 1, 2016 according to the Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition (VIHC).


Va. Legalizing the Manufacturing of Industrial Hemp


A cash crop banned in Virginia for decades will soon be legally grown in the commonwealth, thanks to some new legislation.

Governor Terry McAuliffe signed a bill this week that will let people legally manufacture industrial hemp products. That law goes into effect July first this year.

The Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition (VIHC) calls it a historic milestone after years of lobbying for legalization.


Portsmouth Sen. Lucas fails in effort to legalize marijuana derivatives for treating cancer

State Sen. Louise Lucas has been stymied in an attempt to legalize derivatives of the marijuana plant for treating cancer.

Lucas’ legislation, which sailed through the Senate on a 38-2 vote this month, was rejected Monday by a House of Delegates subcommittee after almost no debate, halting its progress for the year.

Lucas, D-Portsmouth, said afterward that she’ll try again next year.

Lucas’ bill, SB343, would have established a legal defense against prosecution for possession of two non-intoxicating marijuana derivatives, cannabidiol oil and THC-A oil, with a doctor’s certification that it is to be used for treating cancer.


Virginia State Senate Passes Marijuana Reform Law, Allows Oil for Epileptics

The Virginia Senate passed a bill that will allow the production and manufacturing of two different marijuana oils for patients with epilepsy. It's called the Medical Marijuana Program Improvement bill.    

Last year, two bills gave epilepsy patients a defense if found in possession of cannabis oils. But, the law provided no way for patients to actually obtain the oils without breaking federal and state laws.

That's where this latest bill would change things.


House GOP favors criminal penalties for marijuana possession

The director of the Virginia chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws said she is remaining optimistic in spite of scant political will in the statehouse for the cause.

The Republican-led House Courts of Justice this week tabled various marijuana-related proposals, including one to decriminalize it. But Virginia NORML Director Pam Novy, of Culpeper, said that would not set back the state’s marijuana reform movement.


Epileptic mom who used marijuana raising funds to fight charges

The family of a young Russell County woman facing up to ten years in prison after using marijuana to treat seizures while pregnant has started a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for her criminal defense.

Katie Darovitz shared her story with ProPublica and earlier this year. The 25-year-old suffers from epilepsy so severe that she can't drive safely or hold a job. When she found out she was pregnant, she went off her anti-epilepsy drugs – which have been linked to birth defects – and began using marijuana to prevent seizures.


Synthetic Marijuana Use Rising

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) -- Leaders from the regional drug task force said users often go for synthetic marijuana called "spice" or "K2" because it is cheaper and easier to get than real marijuana. Plus, there's a myth that spice doesn't show up on drug testing.

We checked in with the RUSH Drug Task Force. In 2013, they handled six cases involving spice, seizing nearly 30 grams.

In 2014, there was a big increase. There were 21 cases and more than 8,000 grams. In 2015 (so far) the task force has had 25 cases and nearly 3,500 grams collected.


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