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First Hemp Production License In U.S. Virgin Islands Issued

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The issuing of the first hemp production licence was big news for the small territory.

The U.S. Virgin Islands are a group of Caribbean islands to the east of Puerto Rico consisting of three main islands: St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix, plus a few dozen smaller islands.

The entity to score the first licence, announced a couple of days prior to Xmas, was Crucian Hemp Farms, LLLP. The company is now registered as a hemp grower, seed distributor and transporter after a unanimous vote by the Virgin Islands Hemp Commission members.

Governor Albert Bryan Jr has big hopes for the new crop.


Virgin Islands: After 8-Hours of Debate, Senate Still Undecided on Cannabis Bill

Senators spent Friday scrutinizing a 60-page piece of legislation proposed by Gov. Albert Bryan that would revise the Virgin Islands Cannabis Use Act, but after eight hours of debate the lawmakers were divided as to whether the measure was ready.

Meeting as the Committee of the Whole, the Senate discussed the bill that would expand the medical marijuana program approved by the Senate and signed into law by Bryan a year and a half ago. The new bill proposes amendments to the existing act to provide better regulation, and generate tax revenue that could alleviate the impending insolvency of the Government Employee Retirement System.


Medical Cannabis Tourism Rising: Virgin Islands, Jamaica, and Thailand Set to Cash In

Medical tourism isn’t a new concept. For quite some time people have been making journeys to other places to receive medical benefits unavailable to them in their home countries. It follows suit that cannabis, the new darling – and devil – of the medical world, would be the new fuel for the industry.

In some cases, it was the result of coming from a poor country and needing the medical technology and assistance of a well-developed one. In some cases, it was to combat the sheer cost of a medicine or medical procedure: think uninsured Americans going to Canada or Mexico to get a cancer medication that would bankrupt them in America.


U.S. Virgin Islands looks to cannabis legalization for new source of funding

Calling it “a new revolution that has taken the nation by storm,” the governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands is assembling the territory’s legislature to look at legalizing cannabis for recreational purposes.

The amendment introduced by Albert Bryan Jr. would expand on the medical marijuana program approved last year and make the Virgin Islands the third U.S. territory to take the step, behind Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Marijuana Moment reports.


Two groups of Caribbean Islands just changed their marijuana laws

Marijuana reform is coming to the US Virgin Islands as well as Trinidad and Tobago after both groups of Caribbean islands changed their cannabis laws recently, writes Calvin Hughes.


Nelson Reintroduces Medical Marijuana Bill

The prudish observer might think that the U.S. Virgin Islands is trying to sin its way to prosperity. Earlier this year the Legislature and the governor moved forward with the so-called sin taxes and now Sen. Positive Nelson, in his persistent effort to reform marijuana laws, has reintroduced the Virgin Islands Medical Cannabis Patient Care Act.

In a news release, Nelson said he is fulfilling his obligation to the people of the Virgin Islands who supported the November 2014 ballot initiative to allow for the legalization of medical cannabis in the Virgin Islands.


U.S. Virgin Islands Could Legalize Medical Marijuana in 2017

The majority of U.S. Virgin Island residents support the legalization of marijuana.

The U.S. Virgin Islands may have failed to legalize medical marijuana in the past, but one tenacious lawmaker believes he has the power to change naysayers’ minds in 2017.

Senator Positive Nelson, the political force behind the island nation’s 2014 marijuana decriminalization measure, recently told the Virgin Islands Consortium that he plans to reintroduce legislation to the Senate in hopes of finally getting a medical marijuana program on the books.

The lawmaker says that with all of the latest research that has emerged regarding the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant, he feels confident that his bill will be well received.



ST. CROIX — The last time Senator Terrence Nelson’s hemp bill — a measure that seeks to amend title 7 of Virgin Islands Code, chapter 1, for the cultivation of hemp and other related purposes — was heard at a Committee on Rules and Judiciary hearing, it was held in committee following strong opposition from Attorney General Claude Walker. The bill had received strong support and cleared a critical hurdle during a Committee on Economic Development, Agriculture and Planning hearing in June, 2015.


N.J. company buys Virgin Islands medical marijuana firm

A New Jersey holding company has completed its acquisition of a medical marijuana firm, and named new leadership as part of the transaction, it announced Monday.

Piscataway-based Mobile Broadcasting Holding Inc. said in a news release that it wrapped up the deal for U.S. Virgin Islands-based Medically Minded LLC announced earlier this month, naming Ken Sobel the company’s new president and Stephen A. Jones, principal shareholder, its new CEO.

Medically Minded provides medical cannabis and cannabis-related products, as well as medical tourist services, MBHC said.


St Croix: Nelson wants public input on marijuana laws

ST. CROIX - The office of Sen. Terrence Nelson is seeking input from the public on proposed medical marijuana legislation.

Nelson, who is sponsoring the legislation, said at a press conference Tuesday that he intends to call it the Medicinal Cannabis Patient Care Act.

"You are invited to have input. We are inviting inclusion here. You are not excluded from this process," he said.

The plan is for the office to have the draft legislation completed and submitted to the Legislature's legal counsel by the end of the month, he said. The legislature's legal counsel then has up to 45 days after that to complete the bill and get it back to the sponsor.

Then, it gets assigned to a committee and goes through the committee process.


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