Medical marijuana in Texas: What you need to know

In compliance with the Compassionate Use Program, the first dispensary will soon open in Schulenburg, Texas.

Knox Medical officials said the Department of Public Safety makes weekly inspections as they prepare to open.

Founder and CEO of Knox Medical, Jose Hidalgo, said they chose Schulenburg because it is almost right in the middle of San Antonio, Austin and Houston. They are on schedule to begin deliveries next month.

“We'll go to the major treatment centers and talk to the physicians and find out, 'Do any of your patients qualify for medical cannabis?’” Hidalgo explained.

What will they be licensed to make?


Medical marijuana weeks away from being sold in Texas

Texas is weeks away from the first legal sale of medical marijuana.

Two years after lawmakers legalized the drug for epilepsy patients, the state has licensed a company operating as Knox Medical to dispense the drug.

CBS11 travelled to Winter Garden, Florida, where the company has already broken ground as one of the first medical marijuana dispensaries there.

“I never thought in a million years, I’d be growing marijuana,” admits Bruce Knox, the company’s COO and chief cultivation officer.

A half hour’s drive from Disney World, hundreds of marijuana plants are growing in the greenhouse he oversees.

“I grew up extremely… with conservative values, and I’d never even seen a cannabis plant prior to getting into this,” said Knox.


10 States that smoke the least marijuana

We've previously told you about the 10 states that smoke the most marijuana. Unsurprisingly, states with legalized cannabis finished near the top of the list. But most states in America do not have legal recreational marijuana, writes Joseph Misulonas. So the real question is, which states smoke the least marijuana?


First Texas cannabis crop set to be planted In Austin

For the first time in state history, a crop of legal cannabis plants is being grown in the Austin metro area, after a Texas-based dispensary received its license to grow, process and sell the plant.

A New Era

Compassionate Cultivation, an Austin-based company is one of just three licensed growers of medical marijuana in Texas.

The dispensary was approved for a grow license back in May but finally received the official documentation on Tuesday from the Texas Department of Public Safety.


Coming soon to Texas: Marijuana grow-ops

Texas will soon have its first working grow facilities for cannabis.

Compassionate Cultivation, one of the companies licensed to grow and produce medicine under Texas’s limited medical marijuana program, said in a news release Wednesday it would start planting cannabis plants this week.

The announcement comes one day after the Texas Department of Public Safety gave Compassionate Cultivation final approval to participate in the Compassionate Use Program. Cansortium Texas was the first business to be approved, on September 1.


Texas first medical cannabis dispensary set to open in December

In just two months, Texans suffering from intractable epilepsy will be able to purchase a type of medicinal cannabis approved by the state. The dispensary itself is located outside a rural Texas town better known for its dancehalls, polka music and kolaches.

Austin mom Katie Graham, sips coffee at a café on the city’s northwest side.  She’s just sent her son Elliott off on a school field trip and now nervously monitors her cell phone for texts alerting her that her son has suffered another seizure.


The money behind marijuana

In 1931, the state of Texas declared marijuana a "narcotic," allowing a life sentence for possession of pot. In 2016, California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts all legalized recreational marijuana through a ballot initiative.

In 1969, a Gallup poll found only 12 percent of the American public was in favor of legalizing cannabis. Gallup conducted the same poll in 2016 and this time 60 percent of Americans supported legalization.

As it stands today, 29 states and the District of Columbia have laws that legalize marijuana in some form. Seven of those states and Washington D.C. have also passed measures that make recreational weed legal.


Within days, this Austin company hopes to start legally growing

The winding road that leads to Compassionate Cultivation could easily be mistaken for a dead end. It takes several seconds before drivers get off the main road and end up at a warehouse immediately surrounded by a dirt lot.

In a few months, however, scientists and manufacturers working out of this warehouse in Austin will begin legally growing marijuana.

“Soon we’ll have a variety of products that’ll be available that’ll tailor to the different needs of our patients,” said Morris Denton, the CEO for Compassionate Cultivation.


Texas Medical Cannabis Law To Take Effect In September

One of the new laws scheduled to take effect this September 1st is the Compassionate Use Act. The bill signed by Governor Abbott back in 2015 was supposed to grant access to CBD oil derived from the cannabis plant to Texans suffering with intractable epilepsy.

However, in a letter to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, leaders in the Texas medical cannabis industry say that although they appreciate Governor Abbott’s past support, unless he takes action now to initiate changes to the Compassionate Use Program, (CUP), the life changing medication will remain out of reach for most Texans suffering with this debilitating condition.


A guide to Texas drug possession charges and the controversy behind marijuana use

If you read the arrest report in the Mount Pleasant Tribune, it may be difficult for the average law abiding citizen to decipher what certain penalty groups actually are if the drug is not specified in particular. If you’re not an illegal drug user or “smooth criminal,” here’s a quick guide to help you in understanding these legal terms.

Penalty Group 1: Penalty group 1 consists of Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamine, Oxycodone and Hydrocodone (over 300 mgs), and Ketamine a drug which is usually manufactured for street use from equine to cat tranquilizers.


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