Legal barriers will not stop CBD oil in Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the potential of the CBD oil market. In fact, CBD is one of the most popular new extracts in the state, with Dallas-Fort Worth the latest city to experience a surge in stores selling CBD oil.


9 Barriers to marijuana legalization in Texas

Will this traditionally red state ever go green?

Legalization in Texas might be closer than we think, but the reality is that despite the state’s fierce individuality and believe in personal liberties, the red state mentality still largely applies to the green stuff. Here are ten barriers that are keeping Texas from making like Peter Tosh and legalizing it.


How close is Texas to legalizing marijuana?

Canadian lawmakers voted Tuesday to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. Our northern neighbors are only the second country in the world to legalize marijuana. This poses a question: Are times changing? In their recently adopted party platform, Texas Republicans endorsed medical marijuana, cannabis decriminalization and industrial hemp.

Frank Snyder, a law professor at Texas A&M University, says that Canada’s decision to legalize recreational marijuana use will most likely affect the United States’ position on pot.


Texas Republican party supports marijuana decriminalization and reclassifying cannabis at federal level

While the Democratic Party in major states like New York has come out in support of marijuana legalization in recent months, the Republican Party continues to stay silent on the issue. But now one state's GOP is taking a major stand on the issue, writes Joseph Misulonas.


More marijuana in Texas? Why that question is lighting up Republicans

What's red, white, blue — and green — all over? This year it's the Republican State Convention. Thousands of Republicans gathering here this week for their every-other-year state convention are tackling issues ranging from abortion to guns. And marijuana.

At this most conservative gathering — where many delegates proudly wear their red, white and blue — some are calling for medical marijuana to be available to more Texans.


Texas dispensary to partner with epilepsy nonprofits to help patients afford CBD

Not only is it nearly impossible to access CBD in Texas, but, once patients do, it’s often prohibitively expensive.

Texas’ first medical cannabis dispensary, Compassionate Cultivation, is now partnering with two nonprofit organizations that offer support to epileptic patients. The partnership is intended to help expand epileptic patients’ access to cannabidiol (CBD)—a cannabis compound found to help treat epilepsy—in the state.


Texas : Regulators seek to ban all non state-approved CBD products

There are plenty of products sold in Texas with cannabidiol — or CBD — listed as their main ingredient. CBD is seemingly everywhere these days, from the local pharmacy to coffee houses. But Texas health officials plan to ban these products if they are not sold by one of three dispensaries set up by the state.

Lazydaze Counterculture, a coffee house and smoke shop, sits between auto repair and tattoo shops just outside one of Austin’s North Central neighborhoods.

Brad Davis, the shop’s owner, pours a fresh cup of coffee and proceeds to tell curious customers about his hemp-infused CBD products.


North Texas academy now teaching cannabis science

With attitudes about marijuana changing, even in Texas, some people are going into the classroom to learn the science of pot. The DFW Academy of Cannabis Science is signing up students even though the legalization of marijuana is not in the cards any time soon in Texas.

State Rep. Stephanie Klick of Fort Worth pushed to get the Compassionate Use Act passed by the Texas legislature. It allows certain epilepsy patients to take medical marijuana oil.

She said it’s made a huge difference for the family of one patient.

“She was having 30 to 40 seizures a day. She’s now having one to two seizures a month,” St. Rep. Klick said.


Alleged bogus cryptocurrency and marijuana trading operation hit by Texas regulator

An alleged bogus trading operation offering 8 percent weekly returns linking cryptocurrency and medical marijuana was hit by a Texas regulator Thursday.

The Texas Securities Board filed a cease and desist order against Mark Moncher for allegedly trying to sell unregistered securities through his Financial Freedom Club also known as Millionaire Mentor University.


But hours after the order was issued, www.millionairementoruniversity.com was still online. In its order, the Texas regulator cites wording from the website saying its investors are getting an 8 percent return on their money weekly.


Are child protective services changing their minds about cannabis consumption in families?

A Texas case involving an autistic teenager's use of medical marijuana shows a shift in ideology.

In Texas recently, a family was brought to court for using cannabis to treat their 18-year-old daughter Kara Zartler with severe autism. While the issue of parents and children using medical marijuana and facing state Child Protective Services (CPS) is a concern for families nationwide, this particular case was unique because the child was not a minor.


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