Oregon Bans Cannabis-Infused Alcoholic Beverages

Oregon is renowned for its craft beer and increasingly for its high-grade marijuana, but the state is keeping the two apart — for now.

In a new ruling, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which regulates both alcoholic products and recreational marijuana, says beer and other alcoholic drinks as of Jan. 1 may not contain either THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis, or CBD, the non-psychoactive part that is said to relieve stress and pain.

Mark Pettinger, spokesman for the agency, cited concerns raised by the U.S. Food and Drug of potential liver damage from CBD, also known as cannabidiol.


These Three US Cities Smoke More Marijuana Than Tobacco

These are the only three American cities where residents smoke more cannabis than nicotine.

For a portrait of what marijuana normalization resembles, look no farther than Seattle, San Francisco, and Portland. Those are the only three American cities where residents smoke more cannabis than nicotine, according to analytics firm Nielsen.


Oregon Cops Can’t Tell the Difference Between Hemp and Pot. That’s Making Life Easy for Black Market Growers.

Nathan Howard grows many varieties of cannabis at East Fork Cultivars, his farm in Takilma, Ore., an unincorporated community of 378 people on the state's southern border.

In one field, he grows a variety of pot called Kush Petals. In another, he grows hemp. Good luck telling them apart.

"We're growing adult-use cannabis on one side of the fence, and 50 feet away we're growing a plant that looks literally the same," says Howard. "In aroma, in the way it smokes, the way it turns into ash, it's indistinguishable.


Study: Seattle one of few cities where cannabis use higher than cigarettes

Seattle is one of just three cities in the country where marijuana use beats products containing nicotine.

More than 700,000 people age 18 and older in the Greater Seattle Area have consumed cannabis in the past 30 days, reports The Seattle Times. That’s approximately 17 percent of the population, whereas 16 percent used nicotine products like cigarettes and e-cigarettes, among others.


Farmers struggle as hemp harvest winds down

Ajit Singh strode across his 16-acre hemp field toward a broken-down harvester. He'd been hoping all day that the mechanic, now crouched beside the machine, could get it back up and running.

It was late October and Singh still had thousands of stinky green and purple cannabis plants across 425 acres to pick, dry and sell before winter. Like many hemp growers here in Jackson County, Oregon, he was harvesting slowly, facing a mold problem and unhappy with prices offered by potential buyers.

"We want a better price," said Singh, a soil scientist and former garden store owner -- and, he said, he was prepared to hold out for one. He sold 50 acres of hemp for $70 a pound last year and now was being quoted prices less than half that.


The highs and lows of Southern Oregon's hemp industry after year one

Half a dozen industrial fans hum inside a football field-size warehouse in White City. Lined up on the ground in neat rows are 500 white plastic bags, each three-foot by three-foot. The bags are full of hemp.

“Each one of these are super sacks,” says Barry Epling, a consultant with this company, Hemp Inc. “Some of them don’t have a lot of weight – some are only 20, 30 pounds. Some of them are 125, 130.”

Hemp Inc. farmed on 42 acres of land on the Rogue River in Grants Pass this year. The hemp in these super sacks is drying to become smokable CBD cigarettes.


Oregon bans on both flavored nicotine and cannabis vaping products now on hold

Gov. Kate Brown’s six-month ban on both flavored nicotine and cannabis vape products is on hold with new rulings Thursday by the Oregon Court of Appeals.

“We’re very happy,” said Andrew DeWeese, the attorney representing Herban Industries, which sued over the cannabis vape oil portion of the ban. “It’s a win for the cannabis industry and it is, frankly, a win for the Oregon consumer.”

The court a month ago temporarily halted the ban on only flavored nicotine vaping products. It now has extended that stay and granted a stay covering the ban on flavored cannabis vaping products as well.

The decisions are a major blow to Brown’s efforts to address the vaping-related lung illness epidemic.


States where recreational marijuana legalized see increased problematic use in teens

In the four states where recreational marijuana was legal by 2016, there was a small uptick in cannabis use disorder among adults and teens, and a general rise in use by adults, a new study suggests.

Researchers looking at data on cannabis use between 2008 and 2016 found that rates of problematic use among teens and adults over age 26 rose faster in states where recreational marijuana had been legalized than in other states, according to the report published in JAMA Psychiatry.


Vaping crisis takes toll on September cannabis sales

Stocks quotes in this article: KSHB

The vaping crisis is taking its toll on cannabis vape sales, but overall cannabis sales continue to grow. Still, with over a thousand patients and multiple deaths as reported by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), cannabis consumers have become very cautious as to the products they purchase.


Cannabis and hemp bring mixture of impacts to Oregon

How’s it going with legal recreational cannabis in Oregon after four years? Addressing a conference on Occupational Safety & Health in Ashland, a man from the governor’s office said it has been a complicated, controversial journey.

Among the state’s findings, said Jeffrey Rhoades, senior marijuana policy advisor to Gov. Kate Brown, is that pot use by youth 12 and older rose 9% between 2008 and 2016, the year after legalization.

Some of that increase could be because youth feel more free to tell the truth now that it’s legal, so it’s hard to know for sure, added Rhoades.


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