The technology revolutionizing the billion dollar marijuana business

A billion-dollar industry has sprung up virtually overnight. Cannabis has gone from taboo to big business, and most of it is happening in Canada, a country with 35 million people and big, green ambitions.


Canada: Ontario Municipalities left in the dark as the Federal and Provincial government push legalization

Canada is only weeks away from the original promised legalization date for recreational cannabis.

But while the federal and provincial governments have been working quickly to set the rules and put plans in motion, it seems the municipal governments have been left in the dark, at least according to one Ontario Mayor.

Mayor of the City of Brantford, Chris Friel, addressed an audience of cannabis industry professionals in a panel discussion at Lift & Co.’s Business Conference last week. He expressed visible frustration over how the municipalities have not been informed on or given the proper resources for legalization. 

“We are not ready,” said Friel. “If we don’t know what the regulations are, we don’t know what we’re going to do.”


Canada: High energy at Lift & Co. Cannabis Conference

Thousands of cannabis industry professionals, investors and consumers descended on Toronto this past weekend for the third annual Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo.

The Lift & Co. Toronto Expo is Canada’s biggest and best-attended cannabis industry tradeshow, catering to patients, consumers, industry professionals, investors and media. The energy at this year’s event was particularly high as we are mere weeks from the Canadian government’s promised country-wide legalization. Matei Olaru, CEO of Lift & Co. said they expected over 15,000 people to walk through the doors of the convention center to attend the expo.


Canada: Ontario awards $300,000 research grant to help develop the world's first beer brewed from cannabis

The Ontario government has contributed $300,000 to help a Toronto company work with Loyalist College in Belleville to develop what it says will be the world’s first beer brewed from cannabis.

The joint project will create a beer that is “highly intoxicating” but safer and healthier than alcohol, says Province Brands of Canada. The company chipped in $300,000 in cash and in-kind services.

Province Brands joins cannabis industry giant Canopy Growth Corp. in Smiths Falls in betting that drinks will become a dominant way that Canadians consume their marijuana when it’s legal. 


BC and Ottawa sign marijuana tax-sharing deal

B.C. has signed on to Ottawa’s tax for legalized marijuana, though the province has not yet decided whether to share the money with local communities.

Finance Minister Carole James signed the “coordinated cannabis taxation agreement” with the federal government late last week, formalizing Ottawa’s offer to share 75 per cent of pot revenue with provinces and territories. The federal government had originally proposed a 50-50 split, but caved in December to pressure from provinces that argued they deserved a richer cut of the pending cash stream.


Inside Tweed collective, a cannabis initiative investing $20 Million in Canadian communities

Bruce Linton, CEO of Canopy Growth, is setting the bar high for corporate social responsibility within cannabis.

Last Friday, Tweed, the Canadian brand under the umbrella of the largest publicly traded cannabis stock in the world, Canopy Growth Corporation, made a major announcement. The company took the high holiday as an opportunity to share its own incredible 4/20 commitment to the communities it serves, in the form of Tweed Collective.


Exclusive: Canada celebrates last 4/20 before legalization

April 20th saw what is to be the last 4/20 celebration in Canada before legalization takes place this summer.

4/20 has long been an annual celebration of cannabis culture around the world, typically associated with sticking it to the man and defying the laws that have hindered people from using the plant. This year however, with legalization planned in a few months, the celebration took a different tone.  

Protesters have shifted their concern away from legalizing marijuana to protesting how the government plans to implement legalization.


Canada: Ontario discusses 6-month medical marijuana ban

Ontario Council discussed extending its six-month ban of medical marijuana facilities at its Wednesday night meeting.

In June 2017, council passed a six-month moratorium on medical marijuana cultivators, processors and dispensaries. That ban expired on Dec. 21, 2017.

While no medical marijuana facilities have contacted Ontario since the ban ended, council president James Hellinger brought this to council’s attention Wednesday. Many members expressed interest in seeing legislation for another six-month ban.

“I’d hate to get rid of it completely because who’s to say down the road the state doesn’t come in and have a brilliant idea?" said first ward councilman Nathan Sunderland. "I say if we do anything we do the six-month again.” 


Exclusive: Canopy Growth Corporation to provide hands-on learning experience for Niagara College students

Canopy Growth Corporation’s President, Mark Zekulin along with President of Niagara College Canada, Dan Patterson, announced Tuesday their new partnership to provide experiential learning opportunities to students and graduates interested in pursuing careers in Canada’s flourishing legal cannabis industry.

The announcement took place at Canopy Growth’s Tweed Farms facility, located in the heart of South Western Ontario’s Wine Country, Niagara-on-the-Lake (NOTL), a less than ten minute drive from the college campus.


Canada: Locations of Ontario’s first four recreational cannabis stores announced

The locations of Ontario’s first four provincially run cannabis stores have been announced.

The Liquor Control Board of Ontario and the Ontario Cannabis Store say the shops will be in Guelph, Kingston, Toronto and Thunder Bay.

The agencies say the locations comply with local zoning rules, minimize proximity to schools and factor in where illegal dispensaries are currently operating.

Forty stores are expected to open this year and another 40 by July of next year. In total, the province plans to set up roughly 150 standalone cannabis stores by 2020.

Ontario was the first province to announce a detailed plan to sell and distribute recreational marijuana and will set the legal age to purchase it at 19.


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