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  • Top 5 benefits of Medical Cannabis

    Posted April 13, 2023

    Medical cannabis, also known as medical marijuana, is a form of treatment that uses cannabis plants or its extracts to alleviate symptoms of various medical conditions. It has been gaining attention in recent years due to its potential health benefits. The plant contains compounds called

  • Why Cannabis jobs are going up in smoke?

    Posted April 10, 2023

    For the first time in the history of the $26 billion legal pot market, employment declined last year, according to a new study exclusively obtained by Forbes. But analysts have high hopes for 2023. Here’s a real buzzkill for the cannabis industry: After six years of double-digit job growth

  • The power of the Cannabis user

    Posted April 4, 2023

    How user-generated content can drive your cannabis brand forward. The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing in recent years, and with it, the competition. It is normal for cannabis brands to look for different ways to stand out among competitors, and marketing strategies encompass a whole

  • CBD oil vs treats for dogs

    Posted April 3, 2023

    You’ve probably heard about the hype on how CBD for dogs can potentially aid dogs in many ways, just like it does for humans. From potentially supporting pain management, inflammation, and even allergies, cannabidiol has recently been treated as an ally to dogs all around the US. That said, owners

  • Big Test for the Cannabis Industry is coming

    Posted March 29, 2023

    Could a multi-state operator finally list on a top North American exchange? One of the biggest hurdles for multi-state marijuana companies today is that they can't trade on a major stock exchange due to the U.S. ban on the drug. But a report last week from the industry website MJBizDaily suggests a