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Recreational cannabis petition comes to new Hampshire, and early polls look promising

Support for cannabis legalization is starting to grow in New Hampshire. After the legalization movement stalled earlier this year, Senate Minority Leader Jeff Woodburn (D) has introduced a petition he hopes will put cannabis on the state's November ballot, writes Calvin Hughes.


Neighboring states have loosened their pot laws, but marijuana is still illegal in NH

It’s the summer of weed for neighboring states that have legalized recreational marijuana. The road to New Hampshire, though, remains one big “pot” hole. Pot is still illegal here.

It’s a point underscored in an interview with Tuftonborough Police Chief Andrew Shagoury, president of the N.H. Association of Chiefs of Police.

He is anticipating an increase in marijuana-related hospital visits, youth pot smoking, and impaired driving in the Granite State. "It's going to spill over our borders," he says. (Scroll down for more on N.H. law, and the state's study of legalization.) So what's legal in neighoring states? Here's a snapshot.


New Hampshire bill to legalize home-grown cannabis stalled in senate

With lawmakers unable to see eye to eye on personal cultivation, we see a New Hampshire bill to legalize home-grown cannabis stalled in Senate.

A New Hampshire bill to legalize home-grown cannabis has been stalled in Senate discussions on Monday, and it’s likely the bill won’t make it to the floor again this legislative session. One step away from outright killing the bill, state lawmakers approved a motion to at least continue studying the issue. Debates on the Senate floor Monday, however, illustrate the confusion and divisiveness surrounding the question of whether to allow medical marijuana patients in New Hampshire to grow their own medicine.


Bill for New Hampshire patients to grow own marijuana faces defeat

State lawmakers recently passed a bill designed to expand access to medical marijuana through additional dispensaries, but a bill to allow patients to grow pot for personal use appears headed for defeat.

A Senate committee voted this week to recommend the bill be referred to interim study.

The bill would permit qualifying patients and caregivers to cultivate cannabis for therapeutic use.


NH Doctor: Recommending medical marijuana removes liability of prescribing opioids

New Hampshire’s medical marijuana program more than doubled in size last year, and many see it as an alternative to using opioids for pain management.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Pediatrician Julie Kim wrote an article for the Huffington Post about how she sometimes prefers to recommend medical marijuana to her patients. Morning Edition Host Rick Ganley spoke with her about how medical marijuana has helped her with concerns over prescribing opioids to certain patients.


New Hampshire: Lawmakers say more time needed on marijuana bill

New Hampshire lawmakers have referred a bill legalizing recreational use of marijuana to further study, dealing a blow to those who hoped the Granite State would join neighboring states in relaxing regulations on the drug.

The House gave preliminary approval to the bill earlier this year. It would allow adults to possess up to 1 ounce (28 grams) of marijuana and cultivate it in limited qualities.

It was sent to the House Ways and Means Committee, which felt more time was needed to discuss ways to raise revenue to properly oversee the legalization of homegrown marijuana plants, marijuana-infused products, and legalization of possession.

The House vote Thursday was 153-135.


New Hampshire lawmakers block recreational marijuana bill after it passes

In an atypical move, a committee in New Hampshire’s House has decided to delay a recreational marijuana bill from proceeding to the Senate, where it could become law.

This week, the state’s House Ways and Means Committee recommended that the bill be sent for “interim study,” while a separate commission studies the potential impact of legalization in New Hampshire. The House committee recommends that the bill be delayed until that commission produces a report, which is expected to be completed by November 1.

In a statement provided to New Hampshire Public Radio, Kate Frey, a member of the commission, said, “marijuana legalization will have detrimental impacts on New Hampshire’s thriving communities.”


New Hampshire Is holding a Marijuana legalization hearing today

In New Hampshire, marijuana legalization is within reach.

This comes after New Hampshire’s House of Representatives voted to legalize possession and cultivation last month.

Naturally, legislators, business people, and Mary J enthusiasts have a lot of questions about the realities of weed legalization.

That’s why New Hampshire is holding a marijuana legalization hearing today. Here’s what we know so far.

This public hearing is only about legalization.

Only the legalization of recreational marijuana is on the docket today.


New Hampshire's Medical Marijuana program growing steadily

New Hampshire’s medical marijuana program has more than doubled in size since 2016. About 4,700 patients were enrolled in the program by the end of 2017.

Michael Holt is the Therapeutic Cannabis Program Administrator for the Department of Health and Human Services. He joins us now to talk about how the state’s medical marijuana program has grown.

I know that all of the data you have, of course, of patients there's confidentiality to think about here. But what do we know, or what can we call publicly from that data?


New Hampshire and Vermont move to legalize Marijuana, defying Jeff Sessions' new guidance

The Trump administration (via Attorney General Jeff Sessions) kicked off 2018 by rescinding guidance that essentially let states do what they want with their marijuana policy. At the time, it seemed like an idea cutting against political momentum. Now, it seems, if anything, that the approach has backfired, as states that had previously tabled the issue of marijuana are dusting off old bills and giving them new life.


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