Where does Missouri stand a year after voters approved medical marijuana?

A year after Missouri voters approved medical marijuana, News 4 checked in with the state to get an update.

Currently, there are no medical marijuana facilities in Missouri but over 20,000 applications have been submitted for facilities. There are several entries on the list of companies hoping to open a dispensary, with facility license approvals likely happening before the end of the year. To start, the state said they will only approve about 350 licenses for manufacturing and dispensaries.

By the beginning of this week, 20,034 people had applied for patient or caregiver cards. The state’s health department has currently approved 17,345 people.


Missouri Medical Marijuana Trade Group urges officials to regulate vaping

A medical marijuana trade group wants Missouri health officials to issue strict vaping regulations as the number of people in the United States suffering from vaping-related lung illnesses continues to rise.


Experts call more research into medical marijuana at health policy summit

There’s not enough research into how effective marijuana is as medicine, said multiple speakers at Missouri’s Saturday 17th Annual Health Policy Summit.

“Right now, we have very little evidence to guide us on the medical use of cannabis,” said Dr. Lucas Buffaloe, an associate professor of Clinical Family and Community Medicine at MU.

The annual summit is organized by MU’s Center for Health Policy and is aimed at health policymakers and health care stakeholders. Speakers addressed an audience of about 100 in the Hilton Garden Inn Conference Center.


Missouri racks in $13 million in cannabis application fees

The state of Missouri passed Amendment 2 in November of 2018, legalizing cannabis for medicinal use. 

The state received $13 million dollars in fees from those hoping to become medical marijuana businesses during their 2019 application period. At the beginning of 2019, the Missouri DHHS began accepting what they call “pre-license fees.” These fees are nonrefundable and range from $6,000 to $10,000. It is essentially the permit to apply for a medical marijuana business license in Missouri. 


Missouri will allow welfare recipients to use medical marijuana

Poor Missourians who obtain authorized medical cannabis treatments no longer have to worry about losing their welfare benefits if they test positive for THC. Previously, Missourians who obtained welfare benefits through the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program were at risk of losing their benefits if they failed a drug screening. Under the revised policy, announced Wednesday, the Missouri Department of Social Services says it will only drug test some welfare recipients.


Missouri receives approval and is studying hemp once again for agriculture

After nearly a century, the state of Missouri is once again looking at hemp as part of its agriculture.

The growth is being tested in several facilities across the state.

Prior to the prohibition of hemp in the 30s, Missouri was one of the top several states growing hemp.

In June 2019, Governor Mike Parson signed a bill to allow the plant to be researched once again.

Superintendent of the University of Missouri, David Cope, is taking care of the research.

“We’re tasked with growing some demonstration plots of hemp to see how they would act in certain parts of the state,” said Cope. “We’ve got four different varieties of fiber hemp. This is not to be confused with hemp used for CBD or even medical marijuana.”


Missouri on track for medical marijuana sales next year

In November of last year, voters in Missouri approved Amendment 2, which legalized medical marijuana in the state. Earlier this week, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services announced that it had received over 2,000 applications for medical cannabis licenses. The director of the medical marijuana program in the state had opined earlier this year that about 600 to 700 applications were expected.

The problem is that the state only plans on awarding 348 licenses, with the breakdown as follows: 192 for dispensaries, 60 for cultivation facilities, 86 for manufacturing facilities and 10 for testing labs.


Fierce competition for missouri medical marijuana licenses

Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services has received thousands of applications for medical marijuana cultivation, dispensary, manufacturing and testing laboratory licenses.

DHSS reports 2,163 online applications had been received by 4:30 p.m. Monday. It was a big jump on the figures we reported in July, when the tally stood at under 500 by early in the month. 800 applications were received in the final 24 hours of the application period.


Missouri Health Department receives more than 2100 medical cannabis applications

The Missouri Health Department announced earlier this week that it received 2,163 applications for medical cannabis facility licenses by the deadline at 4:30 p.m. on Monday. State regulators will need to choose only 348 license winners by the end of this year. Of that 348, 192 will be for dispensaries, 86 for manufacturing, 60 for cultivation facilities and ten for testing facilities.

Missouri approved a ballot initiative last year to legalize cannabis and officials have said that the interest from prospective cannabis business owners has been overwhelming.

Applications started being accepted on August 3 with an original deadline of August 17 but the Health Department decided to extend that until Monday to accommodate the interest.


Missouri receives over 2,100 medical cannabis facility applications

The medical marijuana facility application period closed at 4:30 p.m. today, and the Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) received approximately 2,100 applications by the extended deadline. The application system received over 1,200 applications in the last three days, including over 800 applications in the last 24 hours. Applications are from those hoping to obtain licenses from DHSS for cultivation, dispensary, manufacturing, testing laboratory and transportation facilities for the state’s medical marijuana program. A final, official count of applications received will be available tomorrow.


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