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Taxing Marijuana: An Infographic

Taxes on marijuana? There is a lot of money being made in this world already on the taxation of cannabis. There are nations like Uruguay and Israel taking a new approach on the substance and bucking the status quo on marijuana policy in their country. Many states have legalized medical marijuana in America, and many more will follow in the coming months and years.

This interesting graphic from Turbotax shows just how prevalent the cash is from taxes. In the end, the US spends 12 billion prosecuting marijuana crimes, which is a real shame. Hopefully the feds will move, but with the new administration, we aren’t holding our breath.


I am for medical marijuana being legal – BUT!

MEDICAL use alone is filled with even more challenges than full legalization because it does nothing to stop or lower the marijuana crime rate.

We are already learning that medical use alone is creating new marijuana crimes on top of the old ones which is why states are now starting to forego medical use only and instituting full legalization of marijuana like Colorado and Washington (Alaska, Oregon and Washington D.C. have just joined the ranks of full legalization and 8 more states have lined up for full legalization to avoid the pitfalls of medical use only. Legalization is not just about helping sick people but about better controls, addressing the concerns of everyone and the revenues that can be earned from this NEW Industry.

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