Michigan hemp farmers collect first harvest for CBD products

Farmers harvesting the first batch of legal hemp Friday said they could be looking at Michigan’s next big cash crop.

For the first time, nearly 600 farmers are harvesting legal hemp across the state. The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development issued the first industrial hemp licenses to farmers earlier this year, allowing local entrepreneurs to enter the market for hemp-infused healthcare products -- promoted as a treatment for headaches, chronic pain and anxiety -- that consumers are finding everywhere from retail storefronts to shelves in Family Video stores.


Efforts intensify to battle corruption involving local Government Officials and cannabis industry

Law enforcement authorities across the country, including the FBI, have cast a wide net in their efforts to root out corruption among local government officials overseeing the marijuana industry.

The crackdown has ensnared local government and cannabis industry officials in states such as California, Massachusetts and Michigan. Charges have included bribery and extortion.

While claims of licensing bias and flawed scoring are more common, an examination of the landscape suggests that there have been a number of blatant efforts over the years to improperly influence public officials into awarding highly coveted marijuana licenses.


How recreational pot could shift the landscape of marijuana use in Michigan

It's been almost a year since Michigan voters legalized recreational marijuana. Soon, the state will begin accepting applications for recreational pot businesses. That begs the question: what does all this mean for the existing medical marijuana industry in Michigan? 

Lisa Conine of Om of Medicine, a medical marijuana dispensary in Ann Arbor, predicts that “pretty much every dispensary” will apply for a recreational license.

That’s because Michigan will give medical marijuna dispensaries priority when it comes to recreational licensing for the next two years, a move that Conine says is meant to speed up the implementation process.


Indiana, Michigan farmers harvest first legal hemp crop since WWII

If Don Zolman were a quitter, he might have given up on the hemp crop that he’s begun harvesting just east of downtown Warsaw.

A chilly and rainy spring either washed out some crops or delayed planting for many farmers in the Midwest, including those who were trying to legally grow hemp for the first time since it was cultivated during World War II to produce everything from parachute chords to rope.

Following hemp’s decriminalization in the 2018 Farm Bill, permits were taken out to grow thousands of acres of hemp for its fiber, seed and cannabidiol or CBD content in both Indiana and Michigan.


First legal U.S. hemp harvest underway

Alongside their more traditional grains and other crops, American farmers are harvesting a new crop this year.

Some growers are in the midst of the first legal hemp harvest.

The Hemp Farming Act of 2018, a piece of legislation found in the 2018 Farm Bill, removed hemp from Schedule I controlled substances, allowing farmers to produce it the same way they would any other grain crop without any legal issues as long as they have a permit.

Hemp is any cannabis plant with less than 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Any plants exceeding that amount are considered marijuana.

To grow hemp, however, producers needed permits from state ag departments.


Thousands of acres of hemp being legally harvested in Michigan for the first time

 While many people are anxiously awaiting the start of Michigan's recreational market, a group of farmers and processors working with a different strain of the cannabis plant are celebrating their first harvest.

"We see an opportunity to truly scale the plant to produce CBD and the fibers from the hemp plant," said Dave Crabill, vice president of IHemp Michigan, an association of farmers, processors and manufacturers across the state.

The group met in Lansing on Monday to talk about the introduction of hemp into Michigan's agriculture industry.


Detroit looks to the future of weed with ‘cannabis bars’

The state of Michigan legalized recreational cannabis last November, shortly after its neighbour to the North adopted federal legalization of the drug, but a group of lawyers in Detroit is suggesting the city look beyond and raise the “bar”.


20 States expected to fully legalize marijuana by 2024

The legal marijuana industry is budding before our eyes. What had once been considered a taboo industry that was swept under the rug by lawmakers has now become a front-and-center issue, as well as a big-time moneymaker for investors and companies involves in the pot industry.


These 3 States will begin selling recreational pot fairly soon

Pardon the cliche, but the marijuana industry is budding before our eyes. Even though cannabis sales have existed behind the scenes for decades, we're beginning to see the impact of how big a legalized marijuana industry could be. Last year, legal global sales sprouted to $10.9 billion, which more than tripled worldwide legal weed revenue from 2014.


Michigan could be the first State to ban flavored E-Cigs

The governor of Michigan says she has ordered the state’s health department to put out emergency rules banning the sale of flavored e-cigarettes in both brick-and-mortar stores and online for six months. She also announced plans to prevent companies from marketing the products as “clean,” “safe,” “healthy,” and with other terminology that would present vaping as a harmless alternative to smoking tobacco.

“As governor, I’m going to do it unilaterally until I can get the legislature to adopt a statute and write it into law,” Governor Gretchen Whitmer told MSNBC. “This is too important.”


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