Plans for a marijuana shop near Boston College are met with skepticism by some

Dreams of a reinvented Cleveland Circle collided with fears of widespread marijuana use at a meeting Monday night in Brighton, where residents debated plans to turn the longtime dive bar Mary Ann’s into a recreational marijuana shop.

Several residents said the proposed location was ill-suited for a neighborhood filled with college students and other young residents.

“This is a neighborhood that has a lot of young people,” said Eva, a Brighton resident who declined to give her last name. “They have to be taking good care of their minds and not to be exposed to the temptation to be going and getting marijuana every day.”


Massachusetts may outlaw driving with an open container of cannabis

Massachusetts’ Special Commission on Operating Under the Influence and Impaired Driving issued a report on Wednesday recommending that those who refuse roadside drug tests should have their license suspended for six months– the same punishment for drivers who turn down breathalyzer tests. The report will be delivered to the Massachusetts legislature to be considered in the state’s ongoing law-making process.


Salem marijuana shop putting customers on wait list for appointments

The recreational marijuana shop in Salem, the only appointment-only recreational store in the state, is now putting customers on a wait list after all the appointment slots were filled.

A message greets customers who click on the “Appointments” page of the Alternative Therapies Group (ATG) website, asking them to consider joining the waitlist.

“We are very sorry, but there are no available appointment times right now,” the message reads.

The waitlist lets customers choose appointment slots through Jan. 6. Customers can also choose full days or simply the next available appointment.

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Massachusetts also considering banning employers from firing people for using marijuana

Last week politicians in Oregon announced their plans to ban companies from firing workers for using legal marijuana. And it appears the state of Massachusetts will be joining them in that effort, writes Joseph Misulonas.


Recreational marijuana sales took in $2.27 million last week

Recreational marijuana sales in Massachusetts brought in $2.27 million last week.

The figures, which include sales from Dec. 10 through Dec. 16, reflect the opening of the first recreational marijuana shop in eastern Massachusetts.

Alternative Therapies Group in Salem opened its adult-use store on Saturday, Dec. 15 by appointment only. So the numbers include a weekend of sales from Salem as well as sales from the first two recreational stores in the state, which opened last month in Northampton and Leicester. The Cannabis Control Commission did not break out sales figures by store.


Springfield mayor vetoes marijuana sales tax for neighborhoods, saying set amount is too high

A new City Council order that would direct part of the sales taxes from new marijuana retail shops to be placed in a special fund for neighborhood needs was vetoed Wednesday by Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, who said he believed the approved amount was too high.

It marked the second veto by Sarno in the past two days relating to action at Monday's City Council meeting.

“I have not chosen to veto this order because I disagree with the Council’s motivation for creating this fund,” Sarno said in his veto message. “I am not comfortable with setting the amount at 50 % as a starting point. We can continue to look at this as we get a clearer picture of the actual revenue generated.”


A running list of recreational marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts — and those soon to open

Slowly but surely, more marijuana dispensaries are sprouting up to begin recreational sales in Massachusetts.

Following the first legal adult-use sales in November, the Cannabis Control Commission has continued to approve new pot shops across the state on a rolling basis, so customers won’t always be forced to drive long distances or endure multi-hour waits to make a purchase.

However, with the rollout still in its early stages, dispensaries have had to take special measures to handle the crush of customers, such as imposing limits on individual sales (beyond the state’s one-ounce maximum) or re-routing visitors to satellite parking lots.


Cannabis company shut down for using dangerous pesticides on products

Considering recreational marijuana sales just began in Massachusetts, you'd think everything cannabis-related in the news would be positive. But apparently one of the state's growers may be using dangerous pesticides on their products, writes Joseph Misulonas.


Third Mass. marijuana shop to open in Salem Saturday

A third Massachusetts pot shop selling recreational marijuana is set to open in Salem on Saturday.

The Massachusetts Cannabis Commission tweeted Tuesday that Alternative Therapies Group, Inc, which already serves as a medical marijuana dispensary, may begin retail operations in Salem in three calendar days.

Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll said in a statement that the city has coordinated for weeks with ATG, police and the MBTA in preparation of recreational marijuana sales starting. Only those with an appointment can buy marijuana. Reservations can be made online at


After marijuana helps patriarch with Alzheimer's, his family pushes for more research

A Massachusetts family’s experience giving marijuana edibles to their dying patriarch is set to kick off a desperately needed investigation into how cannabis might treat some of the more troubling symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, a condition that affects 5.7 million Americans.


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