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Governor claims he will never legalize pot in Kentucky

A Republican state senator is advocating that Kentucky legalize and regulate marijuana to create millions of dollars in tax revenue — citing Colorado’s example — which could be used to address the state’s public pension crisis. However, in a radio interview this week, Gov. Matt Bevin also cited the example of Colorado to argue why Kentucky should not follow suit, claiming that state’s emergency rooms are being overrun by patients who have overdosed on marijuana.


Could marijuana be the solution to Kentucky's pension crisis?

Could Marijuana be the solution to Kentucky's Pension Crisis? Activist Daniel Seum thinks so.

Daniel Seum Jr. spoke with LEX 18 about how Cannabis products have helped improve the lives of many Kentuckians, including himself.

"Eric Crawford, who's been a quadriplegic for 22 years in Maysville, Kentucky,  Danny "Greasy" Belcher", he's a Vietnam veteran," Seum Jr. read from the list.

For years, Seum Jr. has been on a mission to legalize Marijuana across the Commonwealth, but he said he's finally being taken seriously. Legalization is now being considered as a solution to the state pension crisis.


Kentucky senator proposes marijuana legalization to help pensions

In August, a report from Frankfort said the 2018 budget for Kentucky was in bad shape and could mean problems for the state’s pension system.

Kentucky is facing a $200 million shortfall and one senator has a plan.

“There is an estimate now that we have to come up with $1 billion in new money in our budget to cover this problem,” said Senator Dan Seum.

Seum says legalizing marijuana for adults could boost revenue for Kentucky. He estimates $100 million in new money for Kentucky.

“My argument is before any new taxes, let’s explore the potential of new monies,” said Seum.

It’s a move that the owner of Botany Bay in Lexington would love to see.

“It would create jobs, good for farms, processing involved,” said Owner Ginny Saville.


States forge path through uncharted territory to legal pot

Legal weed has unleashed an entrepreneurial spirit across the USA and holds the potential to reshape communities, but voter-approved relaxation of drug laws may bring consequences we don't yet understand as we soften the war on drugs.

A USA TODAY Network investigation into marijuana legalization reveals increases in marijuana-related car crashes and in hospitalization of kids who steal their parents' pot, of black-market smuggling rings and the challenges of running cash-based businesses that can’t use traditional banks because of federal regulations.


Lawsuit challenges Kentucky's medical marijuana ban

Kentucky's criminal ban against medical marijuana was challenged Wednesday in a lawsuit touting cannabis as a viable alternative to ease addiction woes from opioid painkillers.

The plaintiffs have used medical marijuana to ease health problems, the suit said. The three plaintiffs include Dan Seum Jr., the son of a longtime Republican state senator.

Another plaintiff, Amy Stalker, was prescribed medical marijuana while living in Colorado and Washington state to help treat symptoms from irritable bowel syndrome and bipolar disorder. She has struggled to maintain her health since moving back to Kentucky to be with her ailing mother.


States Push Marijuana Legalization Bills Despite Opposition from the Federal Government

Lawmakers in about two dozen states have proposed bills this year to ease their marijuana laws despite Attorney General Jeff Sessions' warning that he could crack down on pot, a major change from the Obama administration, which essentially turned a blind eye to the state legislation.

Bills have been introduced in 17 states this year to make recreational pot legal for adults, while five others are considering voter referendums on the issue. Sixteen states have introduced medical marijuana legislation, 10 are considering decriminalizing the drug and three are considering easing their penalties. An effort in Wyoming to decriminalize the drug failed this session.


7 States To Watch In 2017 For Marijuana Legalization

Voters in eight states passed marijuana legalization laws following the 2016 presidential election, giving the legalization movement the required momentum for more states across the country to carry out discussions on the decriminalization of cannabis in 2017.

Here are seven states to watch that are gearing up to legalize cannabis in 2017:


The recreational legalization of cannabis is expected to be discussed by the state’s officials in early 2017. Sen. Margaret Rose Henry, during a Medical Marijuana Act Oversight Committee meeting in October 2016, said: “It’s time to certainly look at it.”


Kentucky Lawmaker Pushing for Recreational Marijuana

Kentucky could become one of the next states to legalize the leaf for recreational purposes.

Democratic Senator Perry Clark recently showed up in Frankfort to pre-file a piece of legislation aimed at creating a taxed and regulated cannabis market throughout the Commonwealth.

The proposal, submitted under BR408, would create something similar to other recreational pot markets, pushing for adults 21 and over to have the freedom to carry up to one ounce of marijuana and cultivate up to five plants at home for personal use.


Hemp Producer Ecofibre Ditches Australia’s Medical Cannabis Rules for the US

Citing Australia’s onerous security requirements for growing medical cannabis, prominent Australian industrial hemp grower Ecofibre announced it will move its medical cannabis capabilities from Australia to the United States.


Has Kentucky Given Up on Marijuana Legalization?

Although there was some momentum earlier this year in the Kentucky Legislature regarding the legalization of marijuana, it appears that lawmakers may have given up on the issue in 2017.

According to a list of Kentucky House Bills pre-filed for next year’s legislative session, not a single measure aimed at the legalization of marijuana is set to be heard in the coming months.

Although there is still a possibility that one could surface before the end of the year, previous pot-related measures, specifically the Cannabis Freedom Act of 2016, had already been introduced by this time last year.


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