Idaho cannabis advocates aim for 2020 ballot initiative

As the page turns to 2019, Monday marks just one week until the start of the 2019 legislative session.

Already on New Year’s Day, Idahoans have staged the first political rally of the year.

Every New Year’s Day, cannabis advocacy groups Legalize Idaho and Idaho Moms for Marijuana kick off the year with a protest focused on legalizing marijuana.

Serra Frank drove from Oregon to be a part of the protest. She says she lives in exile dealing with a medical condition because her home state of Idaho hasn't legalized marijuana.

"I drove an hour and a half to be here to protest because I want to come home," Frank said.


Idaho state senate kills medical CBD bill in allegedly illegal meeting

The state House approved the medicinal cannabis bill, but the Senate killed it during a closed-door meeting that reportedly violates Idaho’s Open Meeting Law.

A bill that would have allowed limited use of medical cannabis oils in Idaho is now off the table after state Senators blocked its passage during an allegedly illegal closed-door meeting.


Idaho is getting closer to legalizing medical cannabis

Idaho is one of the most staunchly anti-cannabis states in the country. Cannabis advocates have not been able to make much headway inside the generally very conservative state.

With lawmakers now considering a new medical marijuana bill, things could be changing. But even if Idaho is getting closer to legalizing medical cannabis, will very much change on the ground for actual cannabis consumers?

Idaho’s Latest Medical Marijuana Bill


Idaho bill would allow use of cannabis-derived CBD oil

A recently introduced bill would allow residents to use oil extracted from cannabis plants as long as the product is prescribed by a licensed practitioner.

Under the proposed legislation, Idahoans seeking to use the oil for medical purposes for themselves or their minor children would have to apply to the Idaho Board of Pharmacy for a cannabidiol registration card.

Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD oil, comes from cannabis but contains little or no THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis.

"There's a lot of medicinal qualities to CBD oil," The bill's sponsor, Rep. Dorothy Moon (R-Stanley) told "From epileptic seizures to fibromyalgia to chemotherapy, you know, nausea and pain from other issues. It is amazing."


Marijuana in Idaho: Could legalization of marijuana be in Idaho's future?

Last fall, Nevada legalized recreational marijuana, becoming the third state bordering Idaho to do so and opening the possibility that pot will soon be sold legally a short drive from Twin Falls.


Idaho: Medical marijuana advocates hope petition gains signatures

Marijuana advocates are starting another push to legalize medical marijuana here in the Gem State. 

The Idaho Medical Marijuana Association has started a petition that would ask lawmakers to make it legal for some patients to use marijuana. Organizers say the proposed bill would allow patients suffering from qualifying medical conditions, including chronic diseases, to use the drug and would need the OKfrom a doctor.The president behind the groups says she's worked with people in hospice care and understands the pain they go through. 

"For me, it's all about the patent and transforming people's life's to be easy," said Tesla Heidi Gillespie of the Idaho Medical Marijuana Association. "When people transform and 


Legal Weed Is Revitalizing Huntington, Oregon Thanks to Out-of-State Visitors

Idaho license plates line the parking lots of Huntington's pot shops.

Idaho Governor Butch Otter hates weed. Not only is his state one of the last without any sort of medical or recreational marijuana program whatsoever, Otter has even recently gone on record urging Trump to pursue a federal crackdown on states with legal marijuana laws. But despite the governor’s disapproval, Idaho’s residents are getting their hands on the marijuana they want elsewhere, and it’s bringing much needed financial relief to one struggling Oregon town.


Idaho pot activists launch new campaign for medical marijuana

A new initiative petition seeking to reform Idaho’s stringent marijuana laws has hit the streets. 

Earlier this month, the Idaho Secretary of State's Office approved a petition that, if passed into law, would create a medical marijuana program in the Gem State. Current Idaho law takes a particularly harsh approach to marijuana compared to neighboring states, which allow some sort of medical use of the drug or have outright legalized it like Washington and Oregon. In Idaho, possession of cannabis is a misdemeanor offense and the state doesn’t sanction the medical use of the drug.


6 States that May Never Legalize Marijuana

The push to legalize marijuana is in full force and a look at just how swiftly attitudes are changing nationwide is nearly enough to make anyone start buying pot penny stocks left and right. Though there has been both disappointing and encouraging signs from the federal government in regard to eventual reclassification or legalization of cannabis, we’re still seeing a state-by-state domino effect take place.


American Teenagers 'Are MORE Likely to Smoke Marijuana Than Binge Drink', New Maps Reveal

Study from: (

original study here :

American teenagers are more likely to smoke marijuana than binge drink, a new report reveals.

Meanwhile in Europe, marijuana consumption is minimal while drinking levels are far higher than in the United States.

The data, published in a recent report by addiction-awareness firm Project Know, will reignite the national debate on marijuana legalization as the election approaches.


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