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Medical Marijuana In Hawaii Still Conflicts With Federal Law

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The Legislature can and should end this harmful discrimination against qualified patients and dispensaries.

It is curious to see the recent dispensary complaints about restrictive regulation and unsustainable tax burdens.

What is missing from this discussion is the fact that Hawaii’s eight dispensaries — as well as our 34,000 lawfully registered medical cannabis patients, for that matter — are all technically federal criminals because the mere possession of cannabis without formal authorization from the Drug Enforcement Administration is a violation of federal law and the federal regulation of marijuana.


Cannabinoid Company Launches New Informational Website

extract droppers

Rare Cannabinoid Company has launched a new website designed to help hemp and cannabis consumers learn how specific rare cannabinoids and terpenes may improve their mental and physical health. The website - rarecannabinoidco.com - offers a wealth of information and links to scientific research on THCV, CBDV, CBN, CBG, CBC, CBDA, CBD, Delta-8-THC and terpenes. People can explore the website in a variety of ways, including a new "Shop By Need" function which shows the best cannabinoids for "Sleep," "Energy and Focus," "Stress Relief," "Discomfort," "Mood Enhancers," "Appetite Suppression" and "Nausea." For those seeking even more specialized care, they can find a cannabinoid health advisor near them.


Hawaii Interim Hemp Rules In Effect

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Hawaii’s Department of Health last week adopted interim rules for hemp processors and products – and not everyone is happy.

The rules, which came into effect on August 9, prohibit a bunch of hemp-derived products including:

  • Hemp products for oral consumption other tablet, capsule, powder, softgel, gelcap or liquid form
  • Foods and beverages containing CBD and other cannabinoids.
  • Eliquids for vaping
  • Products for smoking
  • Products that are administered via non-oral routes.

Additionally, products must be tested by a qualified lab and there are various other regulatory and record-keeping requirements needing to be observed.


Connecticut Legalized Recreational Cannabis, What States Is Next?

After passing a bill back and forth between the Senate and the House, and threats of a veto if certain provisions remained, Connecticut became the 18th state, when it legalized recreational cannabis this week. The question now, which state is next, and when can we expect it to happen?


Hawaii Senate Approves Measures to Legalize Cannabis

Hawaii is a cannabis market that the industry has been looking at with interest, and now, they may get the green light to come online. This week, the state Senate voted to approve two cannabis reform bills that are now headed to the House. 

Senate Bill 767, which would legalize and regulate recreational cannabis, passed the Senate at a 20 to 5 margin. If it becomes law, individuals 21 years of age and older will be able to purchase and possess one ounce of cannabis and grow up to six plants for personal use. 


Hawaii Senate Votes To Legalize Marijuana, Raise Minimum Wage

legal gavel next to a pile of cannabis buds

Hawaii state senators on Tuesday advanced a slight increase to the minimum wage and another measure that would legalize recreational pakalolo for anyone 21 years and older.

While this is the first year a recreational pot measure has cleared a full floor vote, it appears dead on arrival in the House of Representatives. A key House chairman said he may not hear the measure.

The House meanwhile advanced measures allowing certain nurses to perform abortions after significant debate on the floor. Those bills are among hundreds that crossed over between the House and the Senate on Tuesday.


Cannabis Regulatory Update: Hawaii Legalization, NJ Still In Question, South Dakota AG Won’t Defend Adult-Use

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Hawaii Senate Says Yes To Cannabis Legalization

Hawaii Senate Committee on Public Safety, Intergovernmental and Military Affairs voted in favor of two cannabis measures on Tuesday. (h/t Marijuana Moment)

The first bill asks for adult-use cannabis legalization and the other to amend the state’s current decimalization law.

The Aloha State decriminalized the possession of up to three grams of cannabis in 2019, under a law that went into effect in 2020.

The law also replaced criminal penalties with a $130 fine.


Hawaii: Lawmakers push to legalize marijuana for personal use

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Outside medical cannabis use, more than a half dozen marijuana-related bills, including a measure to legalize its recreational use, have been introduced this legislative session.

Not one had secured a hearing before an assigned committee as of press-time Thursday. Feb. 19 is the deadline for all bills referred to more than one committee to move to their final committee. Bills referred to three committees must reach their second committee by Feb. 11.



House Bill 7 would legalize the personal use, possession, and sale of marijuana in a specified quantity for those 21 and older, establish a means for licensing marijuana establishments, and subject marijuana sales to excise and income taxes.


Hawaii: New medical cannabis bills proposed for 2021

growing marijuana plants

More than a dozen other medical cannabis-related bills have been introduced this legislative session. They include:

• Senate Bill 145, which would authorize the manufacture and distribution of cannabis seeds and cannabis clones by medical cannabis dispensary licensees, was combined with Senate Bill 254, which would allow dispensaries to distribute cannabis propagules and cuttings to authorized patients and caregivers, and was passed with amendments, including a cap on the number of clones or cuttings. It next needs to secure a hearing before the Committee on Judiciary.


Hawaii lawmakers push to legalize marijuana for personal use

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With the state strapped for cash, some Hawaii lawmakers are considering legalizing recreational marijuana. Despite years of similar measures being shot down, some of the state's top house leaders have signed on this year.


The bill would allow people to have up to an ounce of cannabis. It would also create a process for cultivators to grow and sell marijuana which would then be taxed by the state. State house representative Jeanne Kapela and other lawmakers KITV4 spoke with Friday, believe the move could generate at least $150 million in revenue for the state at a time when the state is in desperate need of money.


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