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Indian Influence On Jamaican Culture And Growth Of Rastafari.

Millions of people around the world are familiar with the hypnotic rhythms of reggae that originated from Jamaica, a small colonial island in the Caribbean Sea. Reggae is what propelled the ideology of Rastafari to the world through the melodious, socially conscious tunes of Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Dennis Brown, Jacob Miller, and Peter Tosh. Jamaican culture is most commonly described as rooted in Africa because the majority of the population is of African descent. However, a deeper analysis will find that the Hindu culture has had an immense, largely unacknowledged influence on Jamaican culture and the early stages of Rastafari.


Haiti - Security : 45 kg of marijuana from Haiti, seized in DR

Haiti - Security : 45 kg of marijuana from Haiti, seized in DR
06/12/2015 09:09:08 The National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD) of the Dominican Republic during several operations in the south of the country, arrested two women and four men and seized 100 lbs (45.35 kg) of marijuana from Haiti, for the micro-traffic in different districts of Greater Santo Domingo.



The arrests and seizures were made primarily in road checkpoints and in house by agents of the DNCD in coordination with members of the Intelligence Directorate (G-2) of the Dominican Army, in the presence of Deputy Prosecutors.






Presidential Determination -- Major Drug Transit or Major Illicit Drug Producing Countries for Fiscal Year 2016


SUBJECT:       Presidential Determination on Major Drug Transit or Major Illicit Drug Producing Countries for Fiscal Year 2016

Pursuant to section 706(1) of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Year 2003 (Public Law 107-228) (FRAA), I hereby identify the following countries as major drug transit and/or major illicit drug producing countries:  Afghanistan, The Bahamas, Belize, Bolivia, Burma, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Jamaica, Laos, Mexico, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela.


Dominican Councilman arrested for drug trafficking through Haiti

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (sentinel.ht) - A councilman of the border province of Independencia in the Dominican Republic has been arrested for running a drug trafficking ring they say imported marijuana through Haiti.

Councilman Luis Domingo Medina Trinidad was arrested with four other men after police seized some 170 kilograms (375 pounds) of marijuana. Medina serves as Councilman of the Independencia province where Jimani is a major port of international trade between the nations.

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