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Fiji: Cannabis should be high on the government’s agenda

Fiji’s capital Suva has been in and out of Covid lockdowns over recent weeks, and my Netflix got a workout. I watched a TV show called “Cooked with Cannabis”. Admittedly there were a few baked hippies, but the cooking was good. Jokes aside, the show revealed the sophisticated and lucrative global cannabis industry, projected to grow to an extraordinary US$90.4 billion internationally by 2026.


Fiji: Over 900 marijuana plants uprooted in early morning raid

More than 900 marijuana plants were uprooted in an early morning raid in one of the villages in Yale, Kadavu over the weekend. This was confirmed by the Police Chief of Operation Rusiate Tudravu. “Well I can confirm that our police officers are currently in operation sasamaki in the island of Kadavu have uprooted almost 9 hundred plus plants in their early morning raids in one of the villagers in the tikina of Yale so they’ll be concerntrating in the islands of Kadavu in the next few weeks in our effort to combat illegal cultivation of drugs in all areas in our 4 division” Tudravu says Operation Sasamaki has also been underway in Tukavesi in the last 3 weeks covering Buca Bay and Natewa and are now down at Savusavu.


Fiji Marijuana fight

ABOUT 2300 marijuana plants worth millions of dollars have been uprooted in Kadavu this year.

Crime Prevention and Community Policing co-ordinator Inspector Anare Masitabua highlighted this during the Kadavu Provincial Council meeting held at Studio 6 Apartments in Suva.

And council chairman Ratu Seci Nawalowalo said most young people were involved in marijuana cultivation mainly because of the fact "that it is easy money".

Ratu Seci believes while marijuana cannot be completely eradicated, he is happy that they have seen a decrease in its cultivation on the island.

"All we can do is offer them advice not to do this, not to do that but the onus is on them.


Meet Kava Tea, a Prescription-Free Alternative to Xanax

What is kava tea and should it be legal? The potion has caused at least one DUI.


For centuries, Pacific Islanders have been drinking kava, a physioactive "tea" of sorts made from the root of a plant in the pepper family. A variety of kava species grow across the islands, some more potent than others. But their basic effect, when ground and mixed with water, is the same: to relax you.


Marijuana A Worry in Fiji

Marijuiana is a now a real concern within the Ministry of the iTaukei Affairs, says the Deputy Permanent Secretary, Apakuki Kurusiga.

Mr Kurusiga was speaking at the iTaukei Institutions Public Consultations at Rokotuiloa Hall, Naivikinikini, Lami, yesterday.

He said this was a real concern for the Ministry, villages, districts and provinces.

Mr Kurusiga said it was part of the consultation to get the views of village leaders on how to control the criminal act.

However, he feels the best solution to this problem lies with the village leaders and elders.

“They should ask those involved in the cultivation of marijuana on why they were doing it. A lot of money was involved but they should know that this was illegal in Fiji,” he said.

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