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Costa Rica


Costa Rica legalizes medical marijuana


Costa Rica has finally legalized the cultivation and consumption of marijuana for medical purposes, giving a much-needed boost to the country’s agriculture sector. Using the plant for recreational purposes is still banned in the country, though. A legislative process to legalize the drug began in January this year, but the country’s president Carlos Alvarado vetoed the bill, saying he would oppose allowing farmers to grow as many plants as they can.

Therefore, the government later tweaked the bill. The final version of the bill imposes a limit on the cultivation of the plant.

Analysts predict that over the next few years the Central American country may allow its residents to use the drug for recreational purposes as well.


Costa Rica congress approves legalization of marijuana for medicinal use

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Costa Rica’s Congress on Tuesday approved the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes, despite opposition from conservative groups and President Carlos Alvarado, who still needs to put his stamp of approval on the law.

The law allows for the production and processing of cannabis, but does not regulate its recreational use.

Independent lawmaker Zoila Volio, who backed the law and called the move a milestone, said it would not open the floodgates to increased drug use in Costa Rica.

‚ÄúI trust that President Alvarado has understood that and will not veto it,‚ÄĚ said Volio.

If Alvarado vetoes the law, lawmakers would need to again vote on it and approve it with a qualified majority.


Strong Support For The Legalization Of Medical Cannabis In Costa Rica

Strong support for the legalization of medical cannabis was shown by the candidates from the National Liberation (PLN), Christian Social Unity (PUSC) and Citizen Action (PAC) parties. Of the eleven candidates, eight are in favor, one is against, and no response was received from two other applicants.


Mexico’s New Medical Cannabis Rules Underscore The Need For Similar Reform In Costa Rica

After years of delay, Mexican authorities have finally released the rules that will regulate the production, distribution, and use of medical cannabis in the country.

Back in 2017, former Mexican president, Enrique Pe√Īa Nieto, legalized the limited use of the substance for therapeutic purposes, but the legislation has since been in limbo as there were no regulations in place. In 2019, the Supreme Court had to interfere and mandated that the necessary legal framework for the new industry should be created.


Was there Progress in Costa Rica with Regards to Hemp and Cannabis during 2020?

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The year 2,020 has already ended and Costa Ricans continue to wait for strong answers, due to the pending approval of the bill to legalize the production of Cannabis and Hemp in the country.

These have been difficult days with the COVID-19 Pandemic around the world, where all sectors, mainly the agroproductive, have been affected. The adaptation process has been fundamental, in the case of Costa Rica, the institutions linked to this area have strengthened ties with strategic allies to prevent agricultural production from stopping.


Cannabis as a seed of prosperity for Costa Rica?

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Is it the seed of prosperity for Costa Rica? Despite the reluctance of the country’s president, the legalization of cannabis and its large-scale production has made its way through the national parliament thanks to the determination of an independent deputy who is an agronomist. Covered by the National Institute of Innovation in Agricultural Technology, Zoila María Volio wants to take advantage of the great economic potential of medicinal cannabis.


Costa Rica’s New Law Contemplates the Role of Hemp in Modernizing Agriculture

Costa Rica has legalized the cultivation and processing of Hemp under a recently signed law that attributes supervision to the agriculture and health agencies. The new law also establishes a legal framework for marijuana in medicinal and therapeutic purposes.

Released in mid-September, the legislation puts the agriculture, production, industrialization and marketing of Cannabis under the responsibility of the country’s Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, while allowing for research and academic study that will be overseen by the Ministry of Health.


Countries Around the World Make Moves to Decriminalize Cannabis

In late 2019, a ruling by Italy's highest court struck down the prohibition against growing marijuana at home, ending a long legal dispute over that issue.

The court ruled that ‚Äúat home, small-scale cultivation activities are to be considered excluded from the application of the penal code,‚ÄĚ according to the New York Times.


The polemic of cultivation and consumption of cannabis in Costa Rica

From The Costa Rica News (TCRN) we have emphasized all relevant information that has come to light regarding the issue of ‚ÄúCannabis in Costa Rica‚ÄĚ since it continues to be a conflictive debate in this Central American country.

Let¬īs recall that in August 2018, the Costa Rican Supreme Court determined that a person is allowed to grow cannabis in their home for personal consumption and not trafficking and the State will not consider it as a danger to public health.


With the introduction of new oil-only cannabis Bill, could Costa Rica finally be on its way to legalization?

Progress has most certainly been made with regard to cannabis regulation in Costa Rica ‚ÄĒ however, to say the pace of change has been slow is something of an understatement.


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