Colorado may have cannabis tasting rooms in 2020

Coloradans are a step closer to being allowed to smoke in social settings thanks to a bill that was introduced last week.

 House Bill 19-1230 would allow a regulated system for people to consume cannabis in social settings. With a proper license, it would allow cannabis hospitality establishments to run where there would be some product sales but would ultimately provide a space for people to consume their cannabis.

If the bill is passed, establishments could be allowed as early as January 2020.


Report: Legal marijuana industry employs over 200,000 full-time workers

The state-licensed cannabis industry gained over 64,000 new employees in 2018, and now employs over 200,000 full-time workers, according to data compiled by Whitney Economics and the online content provider

Commenting on the new findings, NORML Executive Director Erik Altieri said, “The federal government needs to deschedule marijuana to allow states to better and more fully benefit from the economic growth engine that is the legal marijuana industry. Further, state regulators need to ensure as this sector expands its economic benefits are shared by all, including and most especially by those who suffered most under the failed policy of criminal prohibition.”


Denver just made a big change on social-use cannabis: It will be permanent

One of the clouds over Denver’s marijuana hospitality businesses is about to go away.

On Monday night, the Denver City Council decided in a 10-1 vote that the city should permanently allow “social” cannabis use at certain businesses in the city. Until now, the city’s social-use laws were scheduled to expire at the end of 2020.

The change is meant to give some stability to businesses where people can vaporize or eat marijuana legally.


Colorado eclipses $6 billion in marijuana sales since 2014

Colorado was the first state to begin recreational marijuana sales in the United States, and new data suggests it has been a major success, writes Joseph Misulonas.


Would Denver’s ‘high costs’ PSAs deter you from smoking weed?

Back in November 13, Denver voters approved a 3.5% tax that would be used to regulate cannabis, as well as enforce cannabis reform efforts. The tax also was designed to collect resources for education efforts around informing the city’s youth about using cannabis and the potential long-term consequences that might have. One campaign resulted in the first cannabis game show for kids called “Weeded Out.”


Denver dispensary offering 1-cent weed deal to support teachers on strike

On Monday, union teachers in Denver, Colorado went on strike. Coming on the heels of a late-January victory for striking teachers in Los Angeles, the Denver teachers’ revolt is taking aim at many of the same issues. More than simply a movement for better wages, striking educators across the country are fighting back against the austerity, privatization and “education reforms” that are shuttering schools and disproportionately harming young students of color. In short, the strikes are about better schools, not just better pay. And for that reason, they’ve garnered massive popular support across the country.


Bill introduced to allow Colorado cops to use own judgement in cannabis DUI arrests

In Colorado, legislators are considering a bill that would leave the criteria of cannabis DUI arrests entirely up to police officers, getting rid of the current legal bloodstream limit of five nanograms entirely. Proponents of the plan rightfully say that the amount of cannabis in the bloodstream needed to inhibit a driver varies from person to person. What could go wrong with letting cops be the judge of when someone is driving under the influence?

“This will negatively impact people of color and poor people,” Larissa Bolivar of the Cannabis Consumer Coalition told Westword.


Top selling edible CEO shares advice on getting into cannabis

Nancy Whiteman is the founder and CEO of Wana Brands, a Colorado based company that produces cannabis infused edibles, and more recently WanaCaps XR, a series of extended released cannabis capsules, writes Lorna Evans. Wana Brands was founded in 2010 and is now a leader in cannabis edibles. Wana’s sour edible gummies not only dominate the Colorado market, but the brand itself is one of the United States' top edible producers. Wana currently supplies markets in Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona, and is looking to expand into Florida, Illinois, and Michigan this quarter.


Future weed: Formulations, patents and where cannabis is going next

When you think of weed, you likely think of a sticky bud, an oil, maybe even a tincture. But what if you reconfigured your notion of cannabis to instead envision an abstract scientific equation? Sure, this may sound like the stuff of stoner sci-fi, except that it’s the real-life direction that the cannabis industry is headed.

That’s because the future of weed is in formulations.


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