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University of Sydney to offer Free Cannabis Testing


University of Sydney is launching a robust study in an attempt to, as the university describes, “investigate cannabis consumption, behaviours, and attitudes among users.”

Part of the study involves offering free, anonymous cannabis testing for people that cultivate their own cannabis in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Cannabis was decriminalized in 2020 in the ACT and the university is researching any societal issues that may have arisen from the public policy change, as well as gain insight into the potency and varieties of cannabis that patients and consumers are using.

Free cannabis testing is available to both medical patients and non-medical patients, although only people that are current residents of the ACT can participate.


Greens announce new plans to Legalise Cannabis by 2023

A member of the Australian Greens says fresh legal advice paves a clear path for the national legalisation of cannabis.

The Australian Greens say fresh legal advice from an expert in constitutional law paves a clear path for the national legalisation of cannabis.

NSW Greens senator David Shoebridge announced on Twitter on Monday morning that his office had received advice that all state legislation criminalising cannabis use could be overridden by the commonwealth, with the legalisation of its use a possibility this year.


How Medicinal Cannabis saved Australian Basketball Legend

basket ball

Aussie basketball legend Lauren Jackson was a pain-riddled 'zombie' before medicinal cannabis allowed her to make a remarkable comeback aged 41​​

Aussie basketball legend Lauren Jackson just wanted to be able to go to the gym and pick up her kids again, but thanks to medicinal cannabis she's preparing to play in the World Cup an astonishing 25 years after making her debut.

At 41 years young, Jackson was lured out of international retirement in June ahead of the FIBA World Cup here in Australia, which begins on September 22. 

It's a fairytale return for Australia's greatest ever female basketball player - but it would not have been possible without medicinal cannabis.


Incannex Healthcare Officially owns world’s largest Portfolio of patented medicinal Cannabis Drug Formulations

research patent

In acquiring APIRx, Incannex now owns the world’s largest portfolio of patented medicinal cannabinoid drug formulations and psychedelic treatments.

Incannex Healthcare (ASX: IHL) now officially owns the world’s largest portfolio of patented medicinal cannabinoid drug formulations, following the completed acquisition of APIRx Pharmaceuticals.

The acquisition was announced in March this year, and APIRx stakeholders received almost 218.17 million new Incannex shares at a notional value of $0.573 each. The new shares are subject to a 12-month escrow for the vendors.

As part of the deal, APIRx founders Dr George Anastassov and Lekhram Changoer have joined Incannex as non-executive director and chief technical officer, respectively.


Eerie glow in sky confuses Australian town and outs cannabis farm

pink sky

When a pink glow lit up the evening sky above an Australian town on Wednesday, local woman Tammy Szumowski wondered if the apocalypse had arrived.

"I was just being a cool, calm mum, telling the kids: 'There's nothing to worry about,'" she told the BBC.

"But in my head I'm like, what the hell is that?"

It turned out to be light emanating from a cannabis farm just outside the town of Mildura, in northern Victoria.

But like other stunned locals, Ms Szumowski's mind initially went elsewhere - was it an alien invasion? An asteroid?


Wellnex Life teams up with OneLife Botanicals to penetrate Australia’s medicinal cannabis market



Wellnex Life’s (ASX: WNX) strategy to penetrate the medicinal cannabis and hemp market in Australia is a step closer under a joint venture with Victoria-based producer OneLife Botanicals.

OneLife is a licensed cannabis producer and manufacturer and has what Wellnex describes as a world-class cannabis production, research and development facility.

It is licensed to generate up to 20 tonnes of product a year.

Under the joint venture terms, Wellnex will have the “first right of refusal” on OneLife’s cannabis-based raw materials and products, which will be sold under a jointly developed brand.


Cannatrek secures debt funding for Victorian cannabis venture


Australia’s Cannatrek says it will be able to accelerate construction of its medical cannabis facility near Shepparton in Victoria after securing debt funding.

Cannatrek secured planning permission for the facility in 2019 and the following year the project was awarded Major Project Status from the Federal Government. Construction was to kick off in 2020, but then COVID happened.  It wasn’t until around March this year construction was finally able to commence.

Then in April, Victoria’s State Government announced funding for the facility from its Regional Jobs Fund.


Let's be blunt: 'Very promising' early results in cannabis trial for opioid users, says Labat


An "ethically approved" clinical trial to test whether cannabis can replace opioids in the management of chronic pain has kicked off in SA, with "very promising" results in the pilot phase.

This is according to a statement from investment holding company Labat Africa, which has a focus on medical cannabis. Labat, which is listed on both the JSE and Frankfurt stock exchanges, exports over a quarter of its SA health Products Regulatory Authority-approved medical cannabis crop from Kenton-on-Sea to Australia and Europe.

Its recent acquisitions include Miami-owned CBD brand Echo Life.


Medicinal cannabis prescriptions are mostly going to young people

young people


It’s been more than five years since Australia first introduced a medicinal cannabis program, and a new study has shed light on who exactly gets those scripts.

As reported by The Guardian, researchers from University of Sydney revealed a bunch of juicy statistics around who is being given prescriptions, and for what conditions. It found that chronic pain was the most common reason for medical cannabis being recommended to patients, accounting for 61 percent of prescriptions. Anxiety made up 16 percent of scripts, and sleep disorders 5.6 percent.

The study also shows that pre-pandemic, the age group receiving prescriptions ranged from 45 to 52-years-old. But since 2020, prescriptions are predominantly going to a much younger group, aged 20 to 31.


Local cannabis study to determine efficacy of CBD oil

beautiful woman

It is hoped a Shepparton research project will unearth answers on the effects of cannabis oils in cannabis users.

The 12-week project is seeking anonymous participants to determine the efficacy of Cannabidiol oil for mood and sleep issues in cannabis users.

The study, led by Shepparton-based Professor Edward Ogden, will include 33 participants who will meet with a researcher monthly to record results.

CBD oil is an alternative therapy which has promising results in trials for treating addiction around the world.

CBD, unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol — the other main compound found in marijuana — contains no psychoactive or addictive qualities.


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