China grows half of the world's cannabis

Nowadays, all eyes in the cannabis industry are trained on Canada, which is poised to become a major game-changer once recreational cannabis becomes legal on October 17. But as exciting as that is, we shouldn't overlook the silent giant in the cannabis industry: China, which by some estimates produces 50 per cent of the world's cannabis.


Medicinal cannabis coming to South Korea

Churning out more than 14,000 tons of hemp annually, South Korea is one of the top five producers of the fiber in the world alongside the Netherlands, Chile, France, and China. But when it comes to cannabis containing THC, the cultivation and use of marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes are illegal there.

But as growing numbers of countries around the globe are beginning to accept and reintroduce cannabis use into their societies as a normal practice, as it used to be in many, South Korea is joining those nations and taking the first steps into the world of legalized cannabis medicine.


Thailand leads Asia in legalizing medical marijuana

Thailand could be the first Asian country to legalize medical cannabis, a move it hopes will re-establish its position in the economy it dominated four decades ago.

The Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO), which works under the Ministry of Public Health, is now hoping for approval from the military government to study the drug and sell it for medical purposes.

Thailand was among the world’s top exporter of cannabis in the 1980s. The plant was traditionally used to manage distress, nausea, and pain during childbirth, while farm workers grew it to relax. U.S. soldiers also visited the country during the Vietnam War and used it to rest and recuperate.


Lebanon will legalize growing marijuana after McKinsey evaluated it as a boost for the country's troubled economy

Lebanon wants a piece of the red-hot global cannabis market.

The Middle Eastern nation is preparing to legalize cannabis cultivation for medical use in an effort to boost its troubled economy, Lebanon's House Speaker told US ambassador Elizabeth Richard on Tuesday, according to the country's official news agency.


Budding business: how cannabis could transform Lebanon

Budding business: how cannabis could transform Lebanon.

The town of Brital, in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, is a jarring contrast of poverty and ostentatious wealth. Busted-up old vans drive on potholed roads next to gleaming Bentleys and Range Rovers with no number plates and blacked-out windows. Unemployment is rife, and yet the landscape is dotted by large gated mansions.


How hemp can help India achieve its sustainable development goals

Let's explore how an innovative hemp based business could establish a well-rounded circular economy.

It is a racing certainty that businesses have an important role to play in preventing climate change. But businesses are predicated on profits, and not long ago, entrepreneurs considering businesses that incorporate climate solutions were thought to be “hare-brained”. However, things have been changing gradually. Ever since the recent re-emergence of the trillion-dollar crop – hemp, dispositions are starting to look good for both climate and entrepreneurs.


How Israel's weed tech industry is taking on America's opioid crisis

America is beginning to see cannabis as an alternative to prescription pills. Israel is years ahead - and its entrepreneurs want to curb a crisis of opioid addiction that is completely out of control.

Years ago, when Perry Davidson sold weed in the Israeli desert, he noticed that most of his customers weren’t just in it for the high. From cancer sufferers to those recovering from operations, most came seeking refuge from pain - without the addiction of prescription pills.


Israel moving to decriminalize marijuana use this week

This week, the Knesset will vote upon the issue of marijuana decriminalization

The Israeli Knesset, the country’s legislative body, is moving to decriminalize marijuana with a vote set for this week. If the new law passes, it would replace jail time for most of those guilty of cannabis possession with civil fines. The Labor, Welfare and Health Committee approved the bill Monday and has advanced it to the full Knesset for consideration. The final vote on the measure is expected as soon as Tuesday.


Israel's Together to sell cosmetics based on cannabis, Dead Sea minerals

Israel’s Together Pharma said on Tuesday it will set up a new company with Premier Dead Sea to sell cosmetics based on cannabis and Dead Sea minerals.

The firm said the products would be based on CBD, or Cannabidiol — a constitute of the cannabis plant that is used in some health products. Together said it believes that the CBD market is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

“CBD has a variety of properties that are beneficial to various diseases because of it anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties, and its market is expected to grow 700 percent by the year 2020,” it said.


Israeli medical cannabis grower to shift to EU amid red tape

Recently incorporated medical-cannabis grower Together Pharma is moving some of its greenhouses to the EU amid Israeli red tape that is threatening to strangle the budding industry.

Together Pharma announced on Sunday that it signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with an unnamed European Union country to set up a 30,000 sq.m. greenhouse.

Be the first to know – The government reportedly told medical marijuana companies that their cannabis exports would be approved by 2018, according to industry employees. That persuaded the companies to embark on multi-million-shekel investments, some of which could now be in jeopardy.


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