Adult-Use Cannabis In Argentina: President Supports The Debate In Popular Show, Says Alcohol Is More Harmful Than Weed

By El Planteo.

"What's in your life’s black box?" In tune with the new winds of communication 2.0, generational change and new ways of relating to content, the famous Spanish streamer, Ibai Llanos, interviewed Lionel Messi after his arrival to Paris. On the same day, one of the most popular journalists on the Internet was able to do the same with the Argentine president.


Cannabis and Hemp to Kickstart Argentina's Economic Recovery?

Argentina is making steady progress in its quest to become synonymous with the cultivation of other plants besides its beloved Yerba Mate, namely cannabis and hemp.


Earlier this month, Argentina’s government, led by president Alberto Fernandez, published a draft regulatory framework for the development of the country’s medical cannabis and hemp industries, following a major legislation change approved in November 2020.


Does culture influence how often countries use behavioural strategies to combat cannabis consumption?

More needs to be learned about what drives behavioural strategies used by different cultures to combat cannabis consumption, intoxication and related harms to enhance the protection of those who use the drug, a U.S. study suggests.

Researchers at the University of New Mexico explored the cannabis protective behavioural strategies (PBS) used by five different countries — namely the U.S., Argentina, Uruguay, Spain and the Netherlands — by seeking input from 1,175 colleges students from those jurisdictions who reported past-month weed use.


Argentina Allows Cannabis Self-Cultivation

picture of cannabis grow operation taken from outside of room

With 2017 legislation, Argentina joined the growing number of South American countries to relax cannabis laws. At the end of 2020, that legislation was expanded, and now finally, Argentina allows cannabis self-cultivation for medical use.

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Blueberries Medical Announces Closing of the Acquisition of BBV Labs – A Milestone in its Argentina Project

TORONTO, Dec. 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Further to its news releases dated March 26, April 4, and July 2, 2019, Blueberries Medical Corp. (CSE: BBM) (OTC: BBRRF) (FRA: 1OA) (the “Company” or "Blueberries"), a Latin American licensed producer of medicinal cannabis and cannabis-derived products is pleased to announce that the Company has completed the acquisition of BBV Labs Inc. (“BBV”), a corporation formed under the laws of the Republic of Panama, pursuant to the previously announced share purchase agreement (the “Purchase Agreement”).


Argentina legalises growing of cannabis for medical use by individuals

Argentina’s government on Thursday legalised the growing of cannabis for medical use by individuals and networks, as well as the sale of creams and oils made from the plant in pharmacies.

The move was made official via the publication of a decree published in the Official Gazette. The new rules are revisions to a law first approved back in March 2017 that authorised the medicinal use of cannabis oils, but maintained an existing prohibition on the cultivation of the plant and the possession of seeds by individuals or groups.

The new decree, signed by President Alberto Fernández, seeks to allow "timely, safe, inclusive and protective access for those who need to use cannabis as a therapeutic tool," according to its text.


Argentina to Allow Cannabis Sales and Home Grows

As of this Wednesday, Argentina will now allow home cultivation of cannabis and the sale of cannabis oils and topicals in pharmacies, which has not been included under the legal cannabis laws so far. Cannabis patients will also now have access to their medicine free of charge. 

This new regulation was drafted by the Argentinian Health Minister and other key stakeholders, and represents a huge step forward for cannabis in Argentina.  


Argentina Legalized Medical Cannabis in 2017 – and Gives It Away for Free

When talking about cannabis legalization, countries like Canada, the US, and Spain are thought to be the most progressive. However, many of the firsts of marijuana legalization happened not in these places, but in South America. One of the interesting stories out of this region, is Argentina.


Moms, Presidents And Open Letters: The Tango For Cannabis Legalization And Home Growing In Latin America

Read entire article here.

Latin America’s cannabis market is poised to become a central piece in the development of a legal global cannabis industry. With land and weather perfectly fit for cannabis cultivation, relatively low labor costs, and a strategic location for exports into North America, the region is on its way to becoming an important cannabis hub.

Some markets like Colombia are welcoming investments from some of the top cannabis companies like Canopy Growth, Aurora Cannabis, Cronos Group and Aphria. 


Argentina Launches Ambitious Effort To Research Medical Cannabis

For the last ten months Argentina’s provincial government, the National University, and the National Secretariat of Science and Technology have worked on launching a medical cannabis research effort.

That ten-month effort culminated with Argentina’s Ministry of Science and Technology recently signing an agreement with a local government, the National University, and other entities.

As cannabis laws continue to be reformed across the globe the stigma surrounding medical cannabis is fading. More and more patients are turning to the cannabis plant for relief.


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