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Alabama can learn from other states on how to set up cannabis industry

labama Governor Kay Ivey last week signed Senate Bill 46, the medical marijuana bill, into law. The legislation legalized medical marijuana in the state, but it could be 14 months or more before a person with a qualifying medical need will be able to actually received medical marijuana.

The first step is setting up the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission, which will be tasked with regulating the industry in Alabama. The second is training doctors so that they can write a recommendation for medical marijuana. The commission still has to licenses dispensaries, processors, and growers.


Ya’ll, Alabama Just Became the 37th State to Legalize Medical Cannabis

It seems as though everyday we catch news of yet another state making strides to legalize medical cannabis.

For those who rely on the healing properties of cannabis to improve their health, it’s great to see that more people will have access to safe, non-habit forming medicine.

This time, we’re talking about Alabama. 

On Monday, Alabama became the 37th state to legalize medical marijuana, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, becoming the second market in the Deep South.

Republican Governor Kay Ivey signed the historic bill, which will allow businesses to start applying for licenses Sept 1. 2022. 


Alabama Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill, SB 46, Signed By Governor Kay Ivey

Republican Gov. Kay Ivey of Alabama signed a bill on Monday that legalizes the medicinal use of cannabis in the state. The measure, Senate Bill 46, was passed by the Alabama House of Representatives earlier this month after being approved by the state Senate in February. The Alabama medical marijuana legalization measure goes into effect immediately, although providers will have to be licensed by the state before legal medicinal cannabis sales begin.


Alabama governor still reviewing medical marijuana bill

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey is still reviewing a medical marijuana bill that would allow registered patients with qualifying conditions to safely access and use medical cannabis. If Ivey signs the bill into law, Alabama would become the 37th state in the U.S. to legalize medical marijuana. Learn more in the video above.


Alabama Close To Expanded Medical Cannabis Access

After multiple failed attempts to legalise medical marijuana, this bill may finally get over the line – and soon.

Access to medical cannabis in Alabama is extremely limited. “Carly’s Law”, which was passed in 2014, permitted the University of Alabama at Birmingham to provide CBD oil to children with debilitating seizures as part of a clinical study. In 2016, “Leni’s Law” was passed to provide an affirmative defence to patients possessing CBD to treat certain debilitating conditions.


Alabama Legislature Passes SB 46 To Bring Legal Medical Cannabis To The State

A senate bill to legalize medical marijuana in Alabama, SB 46, is now heading to the governor’s desk. 

The bill cleared its final hurdle in the state legislature on Thursday, when it passed out of the state House of Representatives by a vote of 68 to 34. The legislation passed out of the state Senate in February by a vote of 21 to 10.

The ball is now in Republican Gov. Kay Ivey’s court. A spokesperson for Ivey said that the governor would review SB 46.


Alabama House approves medical marijuana bill

The Alabama House of Representatives on Thursday approved a medical marijuana bill that would allow registered patients with qualifying conditions to safely access and use medical cannabis.

The Senate is expected to give its final approval and send it to Governor Kay Ivey, who will decide whether to sign it into law and make Alabama the 37th state in the U.S. to legalize medical marijuana.

This was the first time the Alabama House has considered a medical cannabis bill. Republican opponents of the bill used a filibuster to delay a vote on Tuesday.

More than a dozen conditions, including cancer, a terminal illness, depression, epilepsy, panic disorder and chronic pain, would be qualify a person for medical cannabis treatment.


Mayor Of Birmingham, Alabama To Issue Blanket Pardons For 15,000 Pot Convictions

Birmingham, Alabama Mayor Randall Woodfin announced on Tuesday that blanket pardons would be issued for cannabis convictions going back more than 30 years, giving up to 15,000 people even more reason to celebrate on 4/20. And in another move by state leaders to mark the high holiday, the Alabama Democratic Party called on lawmakers to legalize cannabis for both medical and recreational use.

In a statement from Woodfin, the mayor noted that Birmingham kicked off a Pardons for Progress program in 2019 that was designed to make it easier to have past cannabis convictions pardoned and the records sealed. But those eligible for pardons were required to apply for the relief and only nine convictions have been cleared since the program’s inception.


These 4 Red States Could Go Green In 2021

letter cubes spelling out Illegal with a finger separating the word legal

Legalization could mean millions of dollars for the states as the growth of the supply chain will open multiple opportunities.

The growth of medical marijuana has seen the trend of legalization and opening of new markets prevalent in recent years. Some states that were not leaning towards legalization have greater chances of success this year. More importantly, there is a big possibility for four traditionally red states to make the move to allow medical marijuana programs: Alabama, Kansas, Kentucky, and South Carolina.


Alabama State representative says medical marijuana legislation still up in the air

medical marijuana bottle with pills next to it

A piece of legislation that would allow Alabama doctors to recommend medical marijuana for a number of ailments passed in the state Senate. But its future remains shaky.

There are plenty of legislators on both sides of the argument. But one state representative is arguing, morality plays the biggest role in the fight.

Senate Bill 46, also known as The Compassion Act, is a hot topic in the legislature. The bill has passed in the Senate for the past 2 years but it continues to stall in the House

Huntsville-area Representative Mike Ball said he’s not hopeful that will change this session.

“I don’t know something just keeps blocking it in the House, and it’s really puzzling to me.”


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