Security Services

  • Absolute Security and Personal Protection


    Our mission is to protect you and your family from unwarranted dangers so you can live your life without distractions or worry.

  • GTC Security, LLC

    GTC Security licensed armed protection for dispensaries is based on our low signature tactical strategy that maintains a comfortable environment within your dispensary while providing the highest level of protection and theft prevention. GTC Security armed protection personnel are experienced U.S. Veterans and security industry professionals with real-world experience that know protection starts well before any incident occurs.

  • Helix Cannabis Security

    (720) 328-5372 EXT. 1

    Customized end-to-end security services to protect your cannabis business. From comprehensive digital security systems to physical guards, our team of highly-specialized security professionals are dedicated to protecting the legal cannabis industry and providing a friendly face to act as part of your brand.

    Employing exclusively veterans, ex-service members such as police, and former high-risk monitoring professionals, our team has seen first-hand the value that cannabis has for the world and for patients, and we are committed to protecting it and safeguarding your business’ future.

  • Iron Protection Group


    Through serving in these wars and experiencing a true trial by fire, we have come to a place where our skills have been refined, honed, and highly specialized, and our passion for protection has become unparalleled.

  • Veridin Systems Canada


    Veridin Systems is Canada’s fastest growing security integration company as well as a recognized leader in the security industry.