• DaySavers


    DaySavers is the most compliant and transparent smoking accessories brand on the market, by holding itself to the same compliance standards as regulated cannabis companies. All DaySavers products are tested for heavy metals, microbials, and pesticides. DaySavers is a house of brands that specializes in pre-rolled cones, tubes, blunts, and other innovative pre-roll products. The Fill-a Blunts brand specializes in pre-rolled blunts and  Smoke Temple is a brand of luxury pre-rolled smoking accessories, the first product being a pre-rolled cross cone

  • Air-Pot


    For plants to thrive they need healthy roots, but standard pots deform roots which seriously compromises the plant. The Air-Pot system does the opposite, actively enhancing the plant, by making it develop a mass of healthy fibrous roots. This maximises its ability to absorb nutrients and water, leading to a healthier, faster growing plant.

  • BioWash


    BioWash represents the creme del a creme of farm fertilizer boosters. Field tests reflect that applications of BioWash dramatically increases plant productivity and yield, reduces insect damage because of increased BRIX (sugar content) in the plant (some insects can’t digest plant sugar); offers added freeze protection (down to 27 degrees) and help increase profits.

  • Bud Bar Displays


    The Bud Bar Display product line was created exclusively for the cannabis industry. A division of All Plastic Corporation, we’re an award-winning store fixture designer and manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience in the display industry. We create displays and containers for major retailers as well as small businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada.

  • Lookah Glass

    Since 2009 Lookah Glass has been producing high-quality glass water pipes, bongs, and dab rigs. Our design is second to none, continually driving the fusion of style and function. In addition to artistically functional Glass, Lookah provides a growing range of e-rigs, e-nails, dab pens, and vaporizers for wax, oil, or dry herb. Please contact their customer service with any questions or inquiries: [email protected]

  • Nature's Fabrics


    Here at Nature's Fabrics, you can shop our huge warehouse of organic and natural fabrics, all online. We source the finest bamboo fabrics, wool fabrics, organic cotton fabrics and cotton knit fabrics in order to offer them to you—quickly and affordably. Many of our fabrics are made in the USA. Choose from solids, stripes, floral, whimsical fabrics and more! Our fabrics can be purchased by an 1/8 yard to 100s of yards to suit your sewing needs.



    Nickel City Wholesale Garden Supply is your source for premier horticultural gardening supplies.

  • The Grow-Off


    The Grow-Off is a brand new cannabis growing competition based in science. Growers receive the same clone to start, so it’s a level playing field, and we’ll award cash prizes for best in potency, flavor, and yield. What our growers love is you’ll keep 99% of what you grow because we don’t have traditional judging, just lab results to determine the winners