• Advanced Nutrients

    If you’re using fertilizers made by other companies, you’re losing yield and wasting money. Why? Because their products weren’t designed for the crops you grow.

    One person understood this – Michael Straumietis, the man that would revolutionize hydroponics by becoming the owner of Advanced Nutrients, one of the most popular nutrient brands in the marketplace. Our products and our company have been featured in leading magazines, such as Forbes, Playboy and Rosebud.

    We’ve got a team of top scientists working night and day to make products that will make your grow room produce bigger, tastier, and more plentiful crops. The plants you grow have special needs. Through rigorous testing, Advanced Nutrients became the first to discover these unique needs.

    And we’ve designed products that give your crops exactly what they need when they need it.

    That’s because no other company works as hard for you as we do.

  • Cyco (Hydrotek)


    S.J. Enterprises was established in 2008 and are the proud manufactures and distributors of the Cyco Platinum Series brand. Our vision is to provide a market savvy and cutting edge range of hydroponic plant nutrients and additives to the Hydroponic industry. We utilize the latest technologies and source only the best ingredients for our products.

  • Dutch Master Nutrients

    Dutch Master is a family owned and operated brand of cannabis-specific nutrient products, born in 1998. The all-new Dutch Master Commercial Edition range of liquid plant nutrition products was developed over 4 dedicated years of cannabis-specific research and development in California and Washington, and is only available exclusively direct through us! Dutch Master has replaced the trusted Gold Range with the latest, cutting-edge, plant nutrition technologies available today. Choose from our 3 base nutrient formulations, specific to your grow style, all loaded with macros, micros, vitamins, carbs and aminos. Our select specialized additives double as a root and foliar feed regime. The Commercial Edition is manufactured in an ISO13485 certified medical grade production facility in Chicago and has been consolidated into as few concentrated products as possible. Now selling direct online! Wholesale accounts also available to qualifying commercial growers! See website for details!

  • Dyna-Gro


    For more than 35 years Dyna-Gro™, The Nutrition Solution® has excelled in providing growers with complete, easy to use, cost effective, liquid nutrient concentrates. Our formulas contain all 17 essential macro and micro mineral elements which plants require for optimal growth. The exclusion of any one mineral element will result in abnormal growth, premature death, and or failure to complete a full life cycle.

  • Grodan


    For more than forty years, the GRODAN Group has been a global market leader in the supply of innovative and sustainable stone wool substrate solutions for professional growers. GRODAN solutions are designed for Precision Growing, the most efficient and effective form of growing.

  • Master Plant-Prod Inc. (Plantex)


    Plant-Prod is the world leader in soluble fertilizers and the partner for growers where high productivity is vital. Leading greenhouses across the globe rely on our solubility in their production. Solubility means everything you buy goes into the plant-not to the bottom of your concentrate tank or plugging your emitters. When you buy a 25lb bag of Plantex, your plants receive every oz of that fertilizer. Plant-Prod achieves this level of solubility by using the highest quality raw materials on the market.

    We have strict quality guidelines for all components in our products. Using these pure ingredients also means that you can grow efficiently, use less fertilizer to produce better plants. The various chelating agents within our micronutrient packages ensure that nutrients are available at a wide pH range. Plantex Water Soluble fertilizers have been produced this way for over 75 years, all while creating different analyses to target specific stages of plant growth for peak performance.

  • MightyGrow Organics


    We manufacture a premium organic fertilizer that is especially effective for restoring the life in soil that has been sterilized by synthetic fertilizers. Mighty Grow™ Living Organic Fertilizer contains live beneficial microbes and trace minerals for optimal soil and plant health!

  • Pelemix


    Pelemix is the leading company in the coir - cocopeat substrate market for Hydroponics growers and nurseries .