• Bios Lighting


    Engineered for better growth…for better health…for better living. That’s the mission of BIOS Lighting, a company with unparalleled expertise in new generation LED technology and in life sciences. BIOS’ unique lighting solutions have biological and horticultural roots in NASA’s remarkable research and development of lighting that allow life to survive and grow in space.

  • Grow Lights Canada


    We here at Grow Lights Canada have one passion and that is growing. We started this business because we saw a need in the Canadian market that wasn't being filled.

  • Lighting Science


    At Lighting Science, we believe lighting should work with our bodies and the environment, not against them. That’s why our LED lights are engineered to do more than simply light up spaces. They can actually help you sleep. Or keep you focused. They can even protect endangered wildlife. And they do it all while saving energy, costing less, and looking great.

  • LumiGrow


    LumiGrow is the premier software and hardware spectral control platform enabling large scale greenhouse researchers and growers to manage efficiency, yield and plant characteristics.

  • Nanolux


    Welcome to Nanolux Technology, the leading brand of horticultural ballasts in the world. We are a forerunner of innovation and have received more patents than any other ballast brand on the market.

  • P.L. Light Systems


    PL Light Systems develops and manufactures supplemental lighting systems for the horticultural industry. We offer a complete range of innovative fixtures, lamps and reflectors for optimized light distribution in a variety of technologies including LED, High Pressure Sodium (HPS), Metal Halide (MH), and Hybrid Systems.