Light Deprivation

  • Cannabis Greenhouse Systems

    Our patented, automated light deprivation system tricks the cannabis into thinking its autumn by allowing it only 12 hours of light during a day.

  • Fullbloom Hydroponics


    If you’re in the market for indoor gardening equipment and hydroponic systems, you’ve come to the right place. Our goal is simple: To provide indoor gardeners with the best equipment, BEST PRICES, and highest level of service on the market. You won’t find low quality or chinese knock-off products around here.

  • GGS Structures Inc.


    GGS is your structures & equipment supply partner for commercial scale cannabis growing, covering both marijuana greenhouse and indoor garden environments. Working with the top licensed marijuana producers, and over 35 years in commercial greenhouse and indoor grow solutions, GGS develops complete systems that maximize crop production.

  • Ludvig Svensson


    With a passion for quality textiles, the Svensson brand is built on a legacy that began in 1887. After four generations as a family run company, we continue to develop and manufacture textiles with outstanding design and function. Now more than ever, our unique experience and know-how is used to improve the natural habitat of both people and plants. This makes us who we are – and extremely proud. Welcome to Svensson.